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The Snowsmith - a captivating explosion of joy this Christmas


Grab your inventor's goggles and join Hertford Theatre on a wild, frosty adventure this winter!

When Hertford Theatre closed its doors back in the summer of 2021 we wondered how an earth we would cope without their usual christmas show, which for us is a staple of the build up to Christmas. Last year we tendatively set foot inside the southen maltings to watch the gala show of "Under the Frozen Moon" a collaboration between Half a String and Hertford Theatre. We quickly realised we need not have worried at all as this collaboration had managed to bring an immersive, theatrical frozen-folktale for local families in the most heartwarming and magical way possible.

A new Location

Therefore we have been looking forward to this years production "The Snowsmith" all year! We were even more excited to hear that this year for the festive period Hertford Theatre had set up camp in The Drill Hall , a much larger area to transform.

The Drill Hall is located in ware , there is no car park for the Drill Hall but there are numerous in and around town and a short walk away, the train station is also literally just around the corner, we parked in the carpark behind sainsburys (pay and display) and walked down. The Gala show was at 4:30pm (doors open 45 minutes before) and so even the walk to The Drill Hall felt festive and magical as we enjoyed the street christmas lights.

An experience that extends way beyond the 1 hour performance time

Upon arrival at The Drill Hall we knew we had arrived at our destination and set foot into a magical world. Immersive doesn't really do what the team have created at The Drill hall justice, but the second you step through the doors you are transported into Thawmor and to Eiras world. My children were immediately transfixed and given that there is a 4.5 year age gap between my boys for them both to be engaged and love the same thing is quite rare.

What we love most about local theatre is the feeling of coming home, recognisable faces, a warm welcome and a sense of belonging and Hertford Theatre have brought all of those qualities with them to The Drill Hall. 

The team have also created a mini cafe inside Eira's Meteorology lab which is in the words of my 9 year old "epic". There is a small selection of food and drink (including mulled wine) which you can purchase at the cafe before the show, there are also some souveniors to purchase, including a collab with another of our favourite local companies, the wonderden, and a beautiful picture book of the tale by the creators of The Snow Smith.

Around 30 minutes before the show you are welcomed into the auditorium , but the immersive theme continues as you enter via an indoor forest!?! ( I know, right!?!) Wander through the forest, can you spot the owls? This really sets the scene before the show even starts meaning that the experience begins way before the performance starts. 

"The story follows Eira, the experimental meteorologist as she rediscovers the joy of the most magical of weather in this fast-paced, action-packed original adventure, all to bring joy back to the miserable town of Thawmor, where’s it’s freezing but never snowing."

An innovative seating area

We took our seats, the stage area is flat on the floor and surrounded by seats from all sides. The performers use all the space so no matter where you are sitting you will enjoy the performance and watch the story come to life all around you.

We said it last year but the puppets are astonishingly detailed, I don't even have the words to express just how good they are.  I had never seen puppets seem so expressionate before watching one of half a strings performances, when Kody the Owl came on first of all my 9 year old whispered to me "how do they do that?!?" and i can only imagine with a little spinkle of magic!

The set itself again is incredible, the attention to detail, how it transforms for different parts of the story, just ingenius!!! Peter Morton- I have no idea how you do what you do but it is appreciated!

A captivating cast

My children were captivated throughout and totally engrossed in the story, there were plenty of laughs along the way, (in fact your could say it was a Hoot !) My children love Jamahyl Chan- Ellis as Saltom and Dustin (they especially loved it when he pointed at me during a song and said I looked like a bear rock, they thought that was hilarious and have been calling me Bear ever since!).

It was lovely to see Amelia Gabriel back too as a hugely talented performer, musician and songwriter, we particularly loved her role as a goat herder. 

Louisa Ashton was incredible as Eira our unlikely hero, who in all honesty was impossible not to fall in love with. 

The supporting cast were all fantastic too.Its an experience that the whole family can enjoy with a message of self belief, friendship and hope that gave us all the feels this festive period.

For those 60 minutes I forgot all about the worries going on in the outside world and just embraced the story unfolding around me. After the show there is an opportunity to meet Kody the puppet and some of the cast for a photo which is a lovely touch.

Get lost in a world that will have the whole family gasping, laughing and enjoying a story together this

Will Eira overcome all obstacles and make it snow? Will she be able to bring joy back to Thawmor?

You'll have to book some tickets to find out!

Some words from Hertford Theatre:

The story of the show is aimed at families with children aged 5+, however, the nature of Half A
String’s work means there’s something for everyone with plenty of sensory delights for younger
members of the audiences and jokes and visuals for older children too.

Tickets cost £16 per person, with babes in arms under 18mths free of charge.
Book seats at www.hertfordtheatre.com

Hertford Theatre are pleased to be able to offer two relaxed performances on 28th December, for
anyone who may benefit a less traditional theatre environment and for the first time ever, a dedicated
Elective Home Education performance on 21st December, 2pm.

Hertford Theatre are also delighted to be working with Herts Welcomes Refugees, Hertfood Food
Bank, Hertford and Ware Ukrainian Host Families, Home-Start Herts and Hertford Mayor charities to
support visits to see The Snowsmith for families who may not otherwise get to enjoy a show this

Thank you so much for reading

Kayleigh & The Boys


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