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Looking for something to do? A special day out perhaps or just something to while away a few hours? This is the section for you.

Filled with information about not only things to do in our local area but also a little further afield you are sure to find something to inspire you.

I love to wander through Hertford town taking in the atmosphere and strolling through the castle grounds. Often nipping for a coffee in one of our local coffee shops.

Why not catch a film or a show at Hertford Theatre ? Due to reopen soon!

On a budget? Have a nosey round Hertford Museum? Its free!

If the weather's good head to Hartham Park. It's ideal for bikes and scooters, or try out the zip-wire in the pines park on Birdie Way.

A little further afield why not try Cedars Park in Waltham Cross - it has a zoo (Cedars Nature Centre).

Or perhaps you'd like to visit Hertfordshire Zoo) or my personal favourite Willows Farm.

Whatever you fancy we have a whole variety listed in this section ready for you to browse and chose an adventure!

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