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Hi, I'm Kayleigh the "Mums guide to Hertford" agent.

I have lived in Hertford with my husband for 6 years now and have two children one aged 5 and a one year old , a rescued Romanian street dog and a menagerie of pets.

I have always been so impressed by the range of services and facilities Hertford and local surrounding areas has to offer parents of all ages. From baby yoga, rhyme time, library sessions we've been to our fair share of local classes and activities.

With my eldest it was sometimes difficult to find out up to date information about what was going on and where without vast searches of various local Facebook pages. 

For me classes and activities and local places to go have been invaluable in saving my sanity on days when we just need to leave the house! (I'm sure you've all been there), its helped me to make friends and saved my purse when money has been a bit tight and I've needed something budget-friendly. My husband is the owner of Cedars Nature Centre based in Cheshunt which is a free licensed zoo for example.

As an admin of a local social media mums group I have seem the real impact these groups can have to enrich peoples lives. The butterflies group for example provides help to those suffering from post natal depression.

You will usually find me occupying various coffee shops in Hertford usually with my laptop in tow with my baby, whiling away the hours whilst my eldest is at school.

Mums guide to Hertford aims to bring you all the information you need at your fingertips all in one place. Please do feel free to contact me with any feedback for the page or if you need further information about anything you see.


Kayleigh xx


About Mum’s Guide To Ltd

Mum's Guide To Ltd began in 2012 when four mums from Harpenden set-up a website to give local families in a comprehensive, one-stop shop to find all the information they needed about living in the area with children.  The site quickly grew to become the most popular site for Harpenden parents and carers. In 2016 the mums decided to spread their wings by launching Mum’s guide to UK giving parents across the country the opportunity to set up their own local Mum’s Guide To sites.

Our philosophy is quite simple:

The site focuses on a single town and is run by local parents.
It covers children of all ages from bumps to teens.
It’s as comprehensive as possible - covering activities and things to do, parties, local facilities, services and child-friendly businesses.
We are pro-active about seeking out new businesses and keeping the information up-to-date.