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Meeting Sonic at Woburn Safari Park


During the summer holidays we were gifted a Family Pass to Woburn Safari Park to do a Tried and Tested review for their Character Meet and Greets. We went along to meet Sonic The Hedgehog- an absolute hero for the boys!

You can read last year's review here. Having been to Woburn Safari Park many times as a child, I love taking the boys back there and re-living it.

You can see a Reel of our trip on my Instagram.

Road Safari

As before, we headed straight to the road safari, and were so lucky to see all of the animals out and about- particularly lucky to see galloping giraffes, road-crossing rhinos and mischevious monkeys. Another highlight was the bear walking alongside our car as we didn't get to see him up close last time!


Afterwards we parked up and headed straight to our Meet and Greet with Sonic at The Hangout in the main foot safari area. We'd kept it a secret from the boys as to who they were meeting, so they were really excited guessing who it might be all the way there.

Meeting Sonic

We had a pre-booked slot, so we headed inside to wait for Sonic to appear (by this point they'd guessed as they'd seen posters, and were running around like crazed mini Sonics!).

Sonic then appeared and walked through the queue, high fiving the kids and assumed his position for his meet and greets.

The staff made sure that each child got enough time with Sonic and lots of pictures to remember their special encounter. Our 6 year old sped over to him when it was his turn and had a great time getting pictures and high fives. Our 3 year old was a bit more shy, but once he warmed up he gave Sonic a high five too and loved meeting him.


One of the great things about the character meets is that they're completely FREE- that is, no extra cost to your admission ticket- so they make the day extra special! 
At the time of writing this (24/8/23), there are still more characters to meet over the August Bank Holiday weekend, so head to the Woburn website for more information on meeting:

Tinky Winky and Dipsy - Saturday August 26th

Peppa Pig - Sunday August 27th

Marshall from Paw Patrol - Monday August 28th

Simply book your event ticket online then you can enjoy all the usual fun at Woburn Safari Park and will also be given a flyer with details of how to join the priority queue at a time slot to meet the character.

Annual Pass Holders need to call the Admissions team on 01525 290407 or email [email protected] to be added to the Priority Queue List.

Standard Admission ticket holders who haven't booked ahead can join a queue to meet the day's character on a first-come-first-served basis at various times throughout the day.

Foot Safari

After meeting Sonic, we headed to the park (what is it with kids and gravitating to parks wherever you go?!) for lots of climbing!

Next to the park is the Lemur walk-through enclosure and we'd arrived just in time for a talk from the keepers and feeding time, so the boys loved the lemurs running around and searching for their food. 

Soft Play

And what do kids love more than parks? Yep, soft play! We were never going to leave without a trip to the soft play, which they love! The Mammoth Play Ark is included in your admission ticket and has a series of obstacles, bridges and climbing areas, plus 3 big slides. There's a dedicated toddler area too for the under 5s, but there's not a chance our 3 year old will stay away from the main area- following his brother everywhere.

So, all in all, we had another great day at Woburn Safari Park, and would definitely recommend going on a Character Meet and Greet Day, as it makes the trip even more special, at no extra cost to your admission tickets.

Find out more here.

Our tickets were kindly gifted by Woburn Safari Park for us to review this attraction.


If you would like a Tried and Tested review for your attraction or event, please get in touch

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