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Robot's Search for Snow- an immersive theatre show


My eldest son and I were delighted to be invited along to see the immersive children’s theatre show ‘Robot’s Search for Snow’, which is running at pop-up theatre The Storeroom in Letchworth’s The Wynd.

Robot is a Christmas tree decoration who always ends up on the same side of the tree, facing away from the window. As such he has never seen the snow. This Christmas he escapes from his storage box before the tree is decorated and journeys across Letchworth in search of the elusive snow.

Upon arrival at The Storeroom, we were all met with a warm welcome and a selection of food, drink (including mulled wine- woo!) and, of course, little robot toys you could purchase before the show.

As soon as you enter the theatre (and just to paint a picture it’s a super cosy small setup for around 30 people, with cushions on the floor for kids and bench seats round the outside for adults), Mark and Tom who are putting on the show were chatting with the kids and inviting them to hang decorations on the Christmas tree. It was a really lovely way to get the children involved right from the start, and for them to feel at ease with the main ‘characters’ in the show.

The show lasted around 45 minutes and was absolutely brilliant- telling the story of Robot's search for snow across Letchworth and the characters he met along the way. Mark and Tom were incredible at involving the children, having everyone in stitches and showcasing their musical, theatrical and heckling-child-handling talents (the latter mostly being my child on the front row- sorry to those at the Sunday 11th pm performance!). It was a funny and very sweet tale. So much of the show is just as enjoyable for the adults as it is for the children- showcasing Mark and Tom's Bill Bailey-esque wit and musical talent, so don't worry- you'll have a great time too! It’s hard to maintain the attention of children for 45 minutes- but they were all entranced. I don’t want to ruin the characters and story by giving away too much, but we honestly had an absolutely lovely time and I would wholeheartedly recommend taking your children this Christmas to support such a great local show. Age-wise, it's generally suitable for 3+, but younger ones may also enjoy it, particularly if going along with older siblings. I didn't take my 2 year old due to it being nap time, but I think he would have enjoyed it alongside his brother.

The guys stayed around afterwards to let the children meet and have pictures with Robot and Lenny the Dog (the latter being my son’s absolute favourite), which they all loved.

And the most amazing part…we woke up to snow the next morning, well done Robot!

The show is running two extra shows on Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th Dec, with some tickets still available, so head to their website to book.


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