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PYO Peonies at Bury Lane Farm


We love Bury Lane Farm- the soft play and outdoor beach area is one of our favourite days out locally. At just 25 minutes' drive from where we live in Hitchin, it's easy to get to, and well worth the trip. We've never been to any of their 'Pick Your Own' (PYO) areas though, so wanted to try the 'PYO Peonies', which is currently open.

The peonies fields are a little hidden away ,so when you arrive at the car park (parking is free), you can follow the signs from the opposite side of the car park from where the farm shop, Fun Barn and Beach are. 

It's a couple of minutes' walk (longer for little legs) so do bring a pram if that's going to be a challenge (our heavy 2 year old is not a fan of walking!).

Once we arrived at the field, we were greeted by an attendant who explained where to go and showed us the guidance on which peonies to pick to ensure they would bloom at home, as well as explaining the cost based on how many you pick. There's a great selection of soon-to and fully-bloomed flowers, so the choice is yours.

A very important memo- you must bring your own scissors and payment is by card only.

The setting is beautiful and so relaxing. We went quite early so there was hardly anyone there which was lovely. There are open pathways through the fields so the boys loved being able to run free, and really loved helping us pick which peonies to take home. 

As you can imagine, there are beautiful photo opportunities, so do bring your camera or phone.

The peony fields are usually in bloom from May to June depending on the season, where you can roam the fields and take in the natural beauty of the flowers in all their glory, wavering in the sunshine. Sold by the stem, you can cut as many as you wish, just don’t forget your scissors!

For more details, see the Bury Lane Farm website here.

You can see a Reel from our trip here.

You can read my review from last year about the Fun Barn and Beach, but I will be updating it from this trip soon!


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