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When there are so many places to choose from it's hard to know where to visit! In good or bad weather, with very young children or older teens, activity venues or quiet walks, every venue will offer something different with a variety of facilites available. We will add our thoughts on places that we have Tried & Tested so that you are well-informed before you make your decision to leave the house!

A hop, skip and a putt away in the Lost World


It has been a very long winter and not getting a proper break due to ill children in the previous school holiday had made us all feel very bored going into the Easter break. We needed something as a family that was

a) fun to cheer us all up;

b) affordable because we’re a family of 6 and

c) was different from the usual swimming, trampolining, bowling indoor fun that we always resort to in the cold weather.

We found the perfect place…Mr Mulligan’s Lost World Golf

This huge indoor crazy golf venue situated just a short putt away up the A1M in Stevenage kept us busy for nearly 3 hours.

We started on the slightly easier Ocean adventure course with its neon balls, submarine and giant octopuses (octopusi?!). Under the UV lights there were a lot of glowing teeth as the children chattered excitedly and cheered each hole conquered, never mind how many attempts it had taken. This was definitely the perfect medicine for those dreary days. Getting there early-ish was a bonus as it was fairly quiet so we didn’t hold anyone up with the 3-year-old having 20 goes at each hole or my OH trying precision shots and lining them up for absolutely ages. Personally, I found that just having fun was the best way to proceed and, not that I’m at all competitive, but I beat the lot of them…easily!!

We stopped for a scoop of delectable ice-cream which is the obvious choice when it’s snowing outside! It was in their cafe that we saw their party options, something to bare in mind for indoor parties; winter or summer the UK is so unpredictable!

The second course was jungle themed and my little monkeys had just as much fun as on the first course with an added thrill of the ball escaping down a bamboo shoot to a completely different level. This baffled both adults and children alike. The 3-year-old had worn himself out on the Ocean adventure but the others were still raring to go. This indoor activity got a thumbs-up from all of us and we will definitely be returning in the near future.

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