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Guy Fawkes Night & Fireworks Displays 2023


Most children associate 5th November with fireworks but do they know why we celebrate this event?

Who was Guy Fawkes?

We all probably know that he was planning to blow up parliament but there is a bit more to the story than just that. For a quick lesson on what it was all about and why we celebrate this event every year, visit BBC Bitesize and read the story. There is also a short animated clip.


There are lots of organised firework displays happening again this year. Scroll down for a list of events!  We know that many families may take this opportunity to purchase fireworks to use at home. Please do take time to plan this carefully and to be sure you know how to do this safely. It's not always as easy as it looks! You can get advice here from the London Fire Brigade website

Sparklers are always popular at this time of year. Did you know that a sparkler can get five times as hot as cooking oil? I have to admit they still make me nervous now but here are some tips to help keep everyone safe.

  • Make sure you have a bucket of water to hand and drop the used sparkler into it to put them out. The remain hot even after they have gone out.
  • Stick the end of the sparkler into a carrot to give the holder something easier to grip.
  • Light one at a time and hold sparklers at arms length all the time.
  • Never give sparklers to under 5s.

For a completely safe option, why not have some fun in the garden or indoors with the lights off using with glow sticks - all kids love them and they are very versatile! Make shapes, stick them to clothing to create a body outline or make patterns with them.

Firework Displays 

🎇Havering Free Fireworks - Harrow Lodge Park, RM11 1JU
Saturday 11th November 2023 8:30pm

🎇Fireworks at Marshall's Park Academy - Romford RM1 4EH
Friday 10th November 2023 6-9pm

🎇Harold Wood Primary PTA Fireworks Event - Harold Wood  RM3 0TH
Friday 3rd November 2023 6:30pm - 8:30pm

🎇Fireworks at the Manor - Berwick Manor Rainham RM13 9EL
Saturday 4th November 2023 5pm - 11pm

🎇Harrow Lodge Primary PTA Fireworks Display - Hornchurch RM12 4BP
Friday 3rd November 2023 From 6pm

🎇Upminster Infant School Fireworks Night - Upminster RM14 3BS
Saturday 4th November 

🎇Coopers' Company & Coborn School Fireworks Display - Upminster RM14 3HS
Saturday 11th November 2023

🎇Engayne Laser Show - Engayne Primary School RM14 1SW
Something a little different!
Saturday 28th October 2023

🎇Drapers' Maylands Professional Fireworks Display - Drapers' Maylands Primary School, RM3 9XR
Buy tickets from school office
Friday 3rd November

🎇Drive in Toddler Fireworks - Barleylands CM11 2UD
4th & 5th November
Limited availability

🎇Abridge Fireworks & Bonfire Night - Abridge Village Hall RM4 1UH
Sunday 5th November 2023

🎇Chelmsford Round Table Fireworks - Admirals Park, Chelmsford CM1 2PD
Saturday 4th November 2023

🎇Low Bang Fireworks - Willows Activity Farm AL4 0PF
3rd & 4th November 2023

🎇Magical Evening of Fireworks - Marsh Farm CM3 5WP
4th, 5th November 2023

🎇FREE Seafront Fireworks - Southend SS1 2ER
Every Saturday until 18th November

🎇Clacton Pier - Clacton CO15 1QX
4th November 2023
FREE display

🎇Crowlands Golf Centre Fireworks Display - Dagenham RM8 1JX
4th November 2023

🎇Fireworks Evening - St James' Church RM5 3YR
4th November 2023

🎇Musical Firework Extravaganza - St Mary's School Hornchurch
5th November

🎇Bonfire & Fireworks - Gwillcoo Scout Hall RM14 2LT
5th November 2023

If you know of any other displays within an hour of Romford, let us know and we can add them to the list.

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