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We all need a little back up plan when the weather lets us down. We have created some completely FREE downloads which are all short activities that the kids can do at home or as a time filling activity. All you need is a printer. Some are colour downloads but printing in black & white is fine, it wont affect the activity.

Let's prepare for summer and make some plans - this bucket list download gives the children a chance to make plans of their own. Download here.

If you need some ideas to get your bucket list started, check out our 50 Things To Do This Summer list or the next installment, 50 MORE Things To Do This Summer.

101 Days Out in and around Essex - download and save!

3 of a Kind - these are quick activities which can be timed - try and beat your sibling or friend or aim to beat your own personal best score. There are 6 to choose from. 

Home Edition
Animal Edition
Rainy Day Edition
5 Minute Challenge
Food Edition
Outside Edition

Signs of Spring Scavenger Hunt - get out and enjoy the spring sunshine
Summer Time Scavenger Hunt - this is a great activity to take on a walk or when exploring a park.
Holiday Scavenger Hunt - things to look for whether you are on holiday or having a staycation!

Treasure Map - everyone loves a treasure map! Print this off and design your own map - don't forget to add where X marks the spot!

The Alphabet Game - when I was a teacher I used this a lot. It's great to get kids brains working and its a fun challenge. You can choose any topic you like and the aim is to think of a words relating to that topic for every letter of the alphabet.

Eye Spy - Great activities for a rainy day. Eye Spy colouring and counting sheets with lots of different topics including hats, fruit, transport, clothes and more.  Click here to download the pack.

Secret Coded Messages - who doesn't love a mysterious coded message!? Use this as a basic for your code OR design your own!

Keep an eye out for more being added!

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