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Summer Reading Challenge 2022


Summer Reading Challenge 2022

Herts County Council is excited to announce that the ‘Gadgeteers’ Summer Reading Challenge 2022 is launching in all 46 of our libraries on Saturday 9 July. Our doors are wide open, and we are encouraging children to take part in this free Challenge.

This year the Reading Agency has teamed up with the Science Museum Group to inspire our young readers to be creative and develop their interest in everyday science. This is a fun and innovative Challenge, and it is a great opportunity for children to keep reading over the long summer and develop their joy of reading, either independently or with their families and friends.

The theme!

The ‘Gadgeteers’ are six young friends who work together to transform their community centre into the perfect venue to hold a summer party, using their imagination, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.

The books!

The Reading Agency has released a special Gadgeteers booklist and our excellent colleagues on the Children’s Buying Teams have been busy making sure we have plenty of these in stock along with a whole array of other brand-new books. You can search our online catalogue to order books, download eBooks from our free eLibrary – Borrowbox, or visit your local library to see what they have available to borrow!

If your child prefers to listen to books, we have lots of brilliant eAudiobooks available on BorrowBox. eAudiobooks are a great alternative to physical books, as they help children to develop their listening and concentration skills!

From books on biology to stories about space we have something for everyone! You can search our catalogue

You can also find reading recommendations and new stock updates by following @HertsKidsReads, our new Instagram account for anyone interesting in children’s books.

The Challenge!

For each two books read, the children will collect a set of transferable stickers (some are scratch and sniff). Using the stickers and the core pack, they can help the six friends to improve their community centre and host the perfect summer party!

Children who complete the Challenge by 3 September will receive a special medal, certificate, and pencil and can also be entered into a prize draw to win an opportunity to meet an author.

So, come on down to your nearest library and join the free Summer Reading Challenge 2022.

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