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Top 5 Back Pain tips for parents and carers


Being a parent is an extremely rewarding job, but should our bodies suffer while we take care of our little ones? Is it normal to have joint pains when you have children? What can I do to stop it from happening? Almost 40% of mothers suffer from persistent postpartum pain, at 6 months after delivery, so here are 5 easy tips for the busy parent/carer, to ease of your pain when taking care of your child.

1)      Lift correctly

Your back is making it more difficult for you when taking care of the laundry or picking up heavy boxes? Miscalculating the heavy weight of things is something we see daily in an osteopathic clinic and can lead to severe injuries to various structures in your spine. Try bending your knees down until they form a 90° angle, keeping your back, neck and shoulders upright! That way you will be generating force from your lower limbs, putting less strain on your spine.  

2)      Find an adjustable baby stroller

Babies start of small, but the bigger and heavier they become, the more challenging it will be to transport them. Not even thinking about the extra kilos of necessary goods you will bring along on those lovely day excursions! Therefore, investing in adjustable baby strollers, can be used to avoid pains after a long day of walking. If there is partnership, it is vital to find a comfortable position for each. This way, your body’s mechanics will work much more energy-efficient and your force output will become greater, preventing further injuries.

3)      Correctly stretch after sitting

Long hours sitting in the car when driving your children around? One easy stretch can help your tightness in the low back, which is called the glute/piriformis stretch.  This has been evidently shown to prevent conditions which are predisposed by prolonged sitting such as radiculopathy caused by disc prolapse and piriformis syndrome, or the umbrella term “sciatica”. Make sure to keep your back and shoulders completely straight and lean forwards until you feel a stretch into your buttock area. Hold that for 10 seconds, perform it each side, twice a day.

4)      Stand instead of kneeling

Knee or ankle pain when playing or changing a diaper on the floor? Minimize kneeling by finding alternative standing heights or chose areas that can support your spine, such as leaning on a couch or wall. If this is not available, try putting cushions under your knees. That way, there will be less compression through your kneecaps and its joints.

5)      Avoid known triggers

One crucial tip for the dads: do not let them sit on your shoulders for too long. Because of this, fathers often come in for having stiff necks. There is a large compression component involved which can add up over time and can even travel down, to the mid or low back, where most pain can be felt.   

6)      Free tip:

If these don’t help then maybe have a think on how you can get your children to assist you with your house chores that you find provocative. They’re great little assistants and that way you teach them something valuable.

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Written by Maarten Becue – Associate Osteopath, Woodside Osteopathic Clinic, Hitchin.

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