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What is a Doula?


Hi, I’m Michelle and I live in Letchworth with my husband Scott and two amazing girls Eden (10) and Robyn (8). I am one of the lucky ones who can honestly say I LOVE what I do. After working in The City for many years in Recruitment, I knew after doing a hypnobirthing course to prepare for my first pregnancy that I wanted to train as a Hypnobirthing Teacher and share this amazing birth preparation with other pregnant people.  I later went on to also train as a Birth & Postnatal Doula and have never looked back. I feel unbelievably blessed and honoured to support local families at such a special time in their lives.


I completed my hypnobirthing training with The Wise Hippo back in 2014 and offer both group and private sessions in and around Hitchin. My focus is to ensure couples are in the best possible mindset to navigate whatever birth they’re planning or however their birth evolves, walking away from the course feeling educated, empowered and prepared for their baby’s birth. The course covers everything from the physiology of birth, understanding the choices available to you, learning about comfort measures, optimising your birth environment and so much more. The education learnt coupled with the breathing and visualisation techniques will help you have the ‘right birth on the day’ for you and your baby.

What is a birth Doula?

I am also a Birth Doula, providing support for couples during their pregnancy and being with them during labour and birth. Offering evidence-based information to help them make informed decisions and providing continuity to couples in what can sometimes be an overwhelming and worrying time. I love helping couples feel safe, providing comfort measures during labour and advocating for my clients ensuring they get the best possible care along their journey.

Doulas can also help when the baby is here

And finally, I am also a Postnatal Doula. This involves me supporting families postnatally during those first days, weeks or months when they welcome a new baby into the family. The saying ‘it takes a village’ was certainly true back when we lived in more of a communal way but with our lifestyles now being more independent many couples may not live close to family or friends or may not share their lives with them in an intimate way. The support I offer is different with each family and can include helping with new baby guidance, letting Mum rest while I take care of the baby, supporting with breastfeeding, entertaining siblings, helping with light house work, preparing food and so much more. I have such a special bond with all of my families and I always feel sad when I finish supporting a family but it’s so rewarding to know what a difference I’ve made at such an important time in their lives.

Research shows that by hiring a birth or postnatal doula offers many benefits including reducing the risk of birth interventions, increased rate of vaginal birth, less need for medicalised pain management, shorter labours, better birth satisfaction, lowering the chance of postnatal depression, better wellbeing for Mums and increasing breastfeeding rates.

If you’re interested in any of my Hypnobirthing or Doula Services please contact me [email protected] or 07971642026.

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