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New temporary location for Children's Emergency Department at Lister Hospital


A couple of months ago I had a stressful experience having to rush my eldest to A&E at Lister Hospital (thankfully he was, and is, fine), but at the time it was a mad panic. Not knowing if something was seriously wrong and unaware that the children's Emergency Department has moved temporarily, I really struggled to find it.

I've since worked with the Patient and Carer Experience Team to provide information about how to find it as I would like to avoid any other parent or carer going through the same experience as I did.

Essentially, the Children’s Emergency Department and CAU (children’s assessment unit) has moved and is now separate to the Adult Emergency Department, whereas previously, they were accessed through the same entrance. This is no longer the case.
See details below.

Location of the Children's Emergency Department


As you face the bus station from the main road, the entrance to the Children's Emergency Department is along on the left towards the Premier Inn/Beefeater, and opposite the roundabout sign. 


Entrance by vehicles is for ambulances only.

There is a sign with a red arrow on the road pointing towards the entrance that says "Children's Emergency Department". 

As you go in the entrance, the reception desk is in front of you


There is the main multi storey car park; however, this is a long walk from the department, so please bear this in mind if you are bringing your child in due to an emergency or they are very unwell. You will need to walk back down to the main road and along to the entrance by the bus station as there is no entrance to the Children's Emergency Department from within the hospital.

There is on street parking (the number of bays have recently been increased) and this is cheaper than the multi storey; however, there is a time limit (3 hours at time of publishing this article) and wardens patrol daily.

There is a small pay and display carpark, open to the public, to the left of the entrance to the Children's Emergency Department, immediately next to the hotel and Beefeater, although this is usually very full.

Sainsbury's is a few minutes' walk, but you must be using their facilities in order to park there.

How long will the Children's Emergency Department be located here?

The new location for Children's Emergency Department is only temporary as The Hospital carries out improvements and an extension to the current department. They anticipate that the department will move back to its original place in summer 2022.

I am now in contact with the Patient and Carer Experience team at Lister Hospital, so plan to pass on any important information.

Please share this article with other parents and carers as I know first-hand how stressful it can be when trying to find a department that has moved, especially in an emergency.

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