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NCT Herts North launches new 'Nappy Library' scheme


A scheme to hire out real nappy kits to local parents has been launched by the local NCT
branch in Herts North.

The new Nappy Library hire scheme will offer parents the opportunity to rent a set of cloth
nappies, and a Nappy Supporter will meet them to talk them through the whole process.

With the ongoing climate crisis, rise of living costs and a general move towards a more
sustainable way of living, many families are finding themselves looking towards cloth
nappies as an alternative to the wasteful and potentially costly disposable nappy.

Disposable nappies have been around since the 1950s, and prior to this, terry nappies were
pretty much the only option. Modern cloth nappies are hugely diverse, and with a myriad of
options out there for a family starting on their ‘cloth journey’, some can feel overwhelmed
with choice and information. The nappy library is an ideal opportunity to ‘try before you buy’
or indeed, venture into the whole… adventure!

NCT [Nappy Library volunteer) Anni Sander said:
“It can be daunting starting out, as there’s a lot of information out there, and each family’s
needs and reasons for cloth can vary. Having the support of the ‘Nappy Library’ gives users
the opportunity to kit themselves out at a reasonable cost, try different styles and brands,
while also knowing they have someone who is experienced and knowledgeable to talk them
through it all.”

The idea for the Nappy Library grew out of Plastic Free Hitchin’s monthly Real Nappy Social,
an opportunity to troubleshoot, swap tips and experiences, and to generally meet other
like-minded parents who are passionate about cloth ‘nappying’. The social takes place every
last Friday of the month at 10am at local family-hotspot ‘PearTree Cafe’.

For further information about hiring a nappy kit, contact NCT Herts North by emailing
[email protected], visiting www.nct.org.uk/NCTHertsNorth, or go to their
facebook page www.facebook.com/NCTHertsNorth

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