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Pop-up extravaganza transforms Hitchin's Churchgate area into a local business hub


A press release from North Herts District Council...

In a dazzling showcase of entrepreneurial spirit, the Churchgate area of Hitchin recently played host to an exceptionally successful pop-up shop, occupying a once-vacant unit and drawing widespread acclaim from both the local community and neighbouring establishments.

Spearheaded by Jemma Larkin, the creative force behind the Furniture Parlour, the seasonal pop-up providing a platform for over 30 local businesses to shine. The vibrant atmosphere and positive reception underscored the venture's impact, with businesses reporting not only increased visibility but also a surge in commissions. Some fortunate participants even received invitations to feature their products in local gift shops.

Jemma expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to run the pop-up, stating, "I would like to thank everyone who has made it possible for me to bring the pop-up shop to life. The overwhelming success has fuelled my vision to make the Christmas pop-up a recurring event. The pop-up markets will be returning to The Hitchin Town Hall throughout the year, with the first one being Saturday 9th March.”

Councillor Keith Hoskins, North Herts Council’s Executive Member for Enterprise, said: "This endeavour stands as a remarkable means of bringing vitality back to our high street. North Herts Council is eager to extend this opportunity to other businesses; interested parties are encouraged to contact [email protected] for further details."

Cllr Ian Albert, North Herts Council's Executive Member for Finance and IT and Chair of Hitchin Area Forum, said: "Jemma did an exceptional job in orchestrating a captivating pop-up just before Christmas, showcasing delightful items from our local community. The decision to lease units to independent businesses not only injected excitement into Hitchin but also provided a boost to the local economy. It’s always preferable to have these spaces buzzing with life and unique offerings rather than sitting idle. I hope we will see more pop-ups in our towns in the future.”

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