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Flipping Easy Perfect Pancakes


Flipping Easy Perfect Pancakes

Three ingrediants, no weighing and perfect pancakes everytime!!

I promise that after trying this recipe you will never again buy preprepared pancake mixture!

All you will need is....

A cup (any cup the bigger the cup the more pancakes you get! A large mug will make around 12 pancakes!)

Self raising flour

Milk (of your choice dairy free options can be used if needed)

2 eggs (if you are dairy free you can use a mashed banana instead)

A non-stick pan

A mixing bowl of some kind

A wooden spoon

A whisk or a fork

A spatula to flip!


Use your mug to measure our a mug full of flour in a bowl, use the same mug to measure out the same amount of milk then add two eggs. Mix all together.

Set your pan to a medium heat on the hob (you may need to experiment with different heat settings for your particular oven/hob)

Add a small amount of butter (can use oil if dairy free) and then carefully spoon in some of your pancake batter. 

I like to use a ladle to measure out mine, we've used this recipe for many years and a ladle gives us just the right amount of perfectly fluffy pancake goodness. You may prefer a smaller or bigger pancake so experiment with different amounts of batter in the pan. 

Once you start to see the top of your pancake "bubble" its time to flip, use a spatular to flip to cook the other side (or flip it yourself if you are brave). It will only take a minute or so to cook the other side so keep a close eye.

And thats it your done, keep cooking the pancakes until all the batter is gone. Serve with your choice of toppings!


Kayleigh & The Boys



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