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What have we been up to recently? Have we a new family recipe we've loved we want to share? Do we want to highlight a particular area of Hertford? From National Make a friend day to pizza dough recipes you can find it here. We are specialist days out bloggers and when it comes to days out with the kids locally we aim to give you the lowdown. So do head over to our tried and tested pages too. 

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2 ingrediant Pizza Dough Recipe



Recipe of the Month



2 ingredient Pizza Dough


I love to cook with my children and I also love to find the simplest ways of cooking our favourite meals, I thought id share some of them with you.


Pizza is well loved in our house!


And through years of experimenting I think we have honed the recipe to a tee.


Its very simple


You will need:

1 cup ( depending on how large or how many pizzas you want will depend on the size of cup you need- a large mug will give you 2 pizza bases)

Self raising flour

Natural Yogurt



Preheat the oven to 250 oc

Mix two cups of self raising flour to one cup of Natural yogurt.

knead into a dough (takes about 5-10 minutes)

Split the dough in half and roll to desired consistency.


Then add your toppings

Tomato puree works well as a base then top with your choice of cheese and vegetables or cooked meats. pictured we have cheese and tomato and a feta and rocket pizza.


Place in the Oven for around 15 minutes ( we cook at a high heat to try to mimic a pizza oven), at this point remove the pizza and check the dough consistency, if it is still sticky, pop back in the oven for another 5 minutes and repeat.


And there you have it amazing Pizza dough made from 2 ingredients that is a healthier choice with none of the salt and sugar found in ready made pizza bases. 

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