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What have we been up to recently? Have we a new family recipe we've loved we want to share? Do we want to highlight a particular area of Hertford? From National Make a friend day to pizza dough recipes you can find it here. We are specialist days out bloggers and when it comes to days out with the kids locally we aim to give you the lowdown. So do head over to our tried and tested pages too. 

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Pubs in Hertfordshire with childrens play areas.


The sun is shining and we may all be longing for a glass of something cold in the sunshine.

Chances of actually being able to consume such  increase significantly with the presence of a childs play area and we had been inundated with enquires about this very subject.

Pubs with Playareas in Hertfordshire.

Now i will admit i am not a huge pub goer, and so I had to ask for some help from our social followers to compile this list so rather than this being my guide it is very much a collaboration with the mums and dads of hertfordshire.

I have actually only personally visited a handful of the below so I am relying on the information I was given by our survery participants and good old Mr Google. However we have hyperlinked all pubs to their webpages and used photos where we could find them.

I have fully commited myself to doing tried and tested blog posts on each of the below - it's a tough job and all that! But I will add further details and more photos as and when I do. All current photos are property of the pubs featured or have been sent to us by followers. 

The White Lion Bengeo - small play in beer garden area

The Woodman and Olive in wormley west end EN10 7QN - extensive play area in beer garden. 

The Woodman Pub in Chapmore end  SG12 0HF - small play area within a safe and secure family garden 

The Plume of Feathers Tewin AL6 0LX - Play equipment with lots of room to run around and views of neighbouring horses.

The Crown Aston- has a super cute little play area and an outdoor ping pong table.

Galley Hall - SG13 7NY - probably one of the best play areas for children locally but it is set a little bit away from the tables so may be better suited to older children. 

The Star Standon - SG11 1LB - large garden with play equipment 

The White Hart Puckeridge - SG11 1RR

The Catherine Wheel in Albury Ware Huge garden, modern play equipment . SG11 2LW

The Baker Arms in Bayford SG13 8PX- small play area with slide, swings and climbing area. 

The Crocodile Cheshunt EN8 9NQ - Play area in beer garden. 

Bake House Welwyn Garden City - not one I have heard of before (thanks to the kind follower who recommended this one) but they have a rather awesome indoor play area and also slide area etc outside. 

We hope you find this list helpful and thank you to all who contributed. If we've missed a local gem please do email us and let us know [email protected]

Thanks for reading

Kayleigh and the Boys


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