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Slow cooker hot chocolate recipe


Slow cooker hot chocolate recipe 

We shared some photos to our insta stories a few days ago and we were inundated with requests for the recipe. Its actually a recipe I just threw together but my goodness it was the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted, so smooth and velvety and dare I say it as good as one I've had from a velvetiser?

You will need

  • a slow cook ideally, if you dont have one you could do it on the hob on a low temperature, but you would need to stay with it and stir constantly.
  • Some powered hot chocolate or cocoa (what every your preference is)
  • Milk
  • Mini marshmellows
  • And a bar of your favourite chocolate. about 150/200g.


Use a mug to measure out how ever many cups of milk you need and add this straight to the slow cooker. Then add 2-3 (depending on your preference) spoons of hot chocolate powder to the milk, give it a good stir and switch the slow cooker on to low. Cut or grate your chocolate into smaller pieces and add this to the mix and put the lid on.

Come back in half an hour or so to give it a good stir. About 30 minutes before you want to drink your hot chocolate add a generous handful of mini marshmellows.

Give the whole thing a good stir (we used a whisk) just before serving and then ladle into your cups, top with more mini marshmellows and enjoy!

The great thing about this recipe is its versatile, having an xmas movie marathon at home, you can refill at anytime, it will keep warm for hours, so its also ideal for festive guests who may be popping by. Plus you can easily tailor it to your own preference, love chocolate orange? Simple use oneof those instead of plain chocolate, or perhaps a milk chocolate aero? The possiblities are endless.


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