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Our top tips to make back to school prep a breeze!


Our top tips to make back to school prep a breeze!

Back to school prep I hear your cry? Kayleigh we havent even broken up yet!! I know, I know but hear me out for the first two years of my sons primary education I would run around like a headless goose in the final weeks of summer , queuing for hours to have feet measures and making sure we had everything we needed, it was stressful and rather took the shine off the summer for us. So when my son was due to head into year 2 I took a different approach. 

Before the end of term 

Even before term ends now, I clear out the uniform draws, anything that doesn't fit goes either to friends, put away for future use for his brother or given to the school for spares. Its much easier not to over order on the uniform if you have a very clear idea of what you already have. I then make a list of what exactly is needed. In our case a couple of new sweatshirts (I find they fade quickly) and a new PE kit are sufficient and so I get those ordered online from Kids Connection so I can click and collect them .

At the end of term

I immediately clear out my sons school bag, I take a look at what if any homework hes been set for the summer and print it out and stick it to the fridge. If its something fairly quick I will usually try and have it all done by the first week of summer, if its a longer project I find having it stuck to the fridge is a constant reminder to get it done and not leave it until the last minute. Usually the first weekend of summer I restock my sons bag with what ever is needed, pens, pencils etc if its needed I buy more and put it straight in the school bag. 

Early in the summer  

I collect any new uniform that is needed , wash anything that needs washing and hang everything up in the wardrobe or put in uniform draws. I repack the PE kit with everything minus the shoes, hang it up and forget about it, its done and I can now focus on the summer.


Now as of yet I havent mentioned shoes, there is a good reason for this! My sons feet never seem to grow that fast and so I find its fine for me to measure in the first week or so and buy his shoes, if needed and he won't outgrow them that quickly, for others I know this isnt always the case. My top tip for feet measuring is to buy a clarks foot measuring gage and do it at home. Even if you subsequently visit a store to buy the shoes it will save you queuing to be measured and also means that you can measure whenever you want to. I brought the toddler and the adult one when my son was about 2 and they have been invaluable. We usually order a couple of pairs of shoes in the right size online for home delivery and send back whichever we don't want, which makes the whole shoe process a lot less painful. For shoes like PE trainers which may not get so much use its well worth checking the local charity shops, or preloved pages to pick up a bargain for trainers if you can.

I aim to have everything done, uniform, shoes, homework, any supplies sorted, washed, packed and ready by the second week of the summer holidays. For me this means that we can get on with our summer plans without the thought of uniform and school shoes hanging over us and the night before school we can all go to bed safe in the knowledge we know where everything is and its all ready. 

Obviously I am aware that what works for me may not appeal to you, perhaps you revel in being lastminute.com and thats fine too, but if this helps anyone then its been very worth a write.

Lots of love and have a wonderful summer

Kayleigh & The Boys


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