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When I moved to St Albans I didn’t know anything or anyone and it took four years and two beautiful children to feel like this is my forever home. However, I still struggled to find an online resource with all the answers to the millions of questions I had about the city - so, ta da!

Building on the success of the Mum’s guide to Harpenden site, Mum’s Guide To Ltd started their search for someone to build and manage the St Albans site. This coincided with the beginning of my second maternity leave and my desire for a community related project.

I have focussed my research on St Albans and the surrounding villages. For things to do we’ve travelled a bit further afield. I’ll always be adding new businesses to the site and aim to keep information on listings as up to date as possible.

Activities, things to do, parties, local facilities, services and child-friendly businesses in St Albans can now all be found at the click of a button. During the research process I’ve come to realise that our city really has so, so much for everyone, from bumps to teens, parents, carers and grandparents. We really do live in a fantastically family friendly and wonderful place!

So this site is for all of us. I really hope you find it helpful over the years to come.



About Mum’s Guide To Ltd

Mum's Guide To Ltd began in 2012 when four mums from Harpenden set-up a website to give local families in a comprehensive, one-stop shop to find all the information they needed about living in the area with children.  The site quickly grew to become the most popular site for Harpenden parents and carers. In 2016 the mums decided to spread their wings by launching Mum’s guide to UK giving parents across the country the opportunity to set up their own local Mum’s Guide To sites.

Our philosophy is quite simple:

  • The site focuses on a single town and is run by local parents.
  • It covers children of all ages from bumps to teens.
  • It’s as comprehensive as possible - covering activities and things to do, parties, local facilities, services and child-friendly businesses.
  • We are pro-active about seeking out new businesses and keeping the information up-to-date.