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Fundraising for The Human Milk Foundation


As suppliers to the NHS we, The Human Milk Foundation, have been busier than ever - premature babies are amongst our most vulnerable during this Covid crisis but have not received much media focus compared to other risk groups. Hospital neonatal intensive care units have required significantly more donor milk and we have seen a 100% increase in the need for our service, scaling up milk bank operations, recruiting 10 milk donors a week and providing donor milk to scores of recipient families in hospital or at home. 

We now urgently need to raise funds in order to be able to continue operating at this level and to help all the babies who need donor milk. In place of our fundraising events which have all been cancelled for the year due to COVID-19, we have launched a Crowdfunder campaign. Our goal is to raise £30,000 - this amount would enable us to onboard 300 new donors, whose milk would help between 2000-3000 babies. 

Donations can be made directly through the page on this link, and all of our kind backers will receive regular updates showing the babies who will be able to receive donor milk as a direct result of the funds raised.

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