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Help monitoring usage of The Nickey Line


Can You Help With Our Headcount This Month?

The Nickey Line has seen heavy use over the lockdown period – we believe well over the last major count which registered over 4000 ‘normal’ uses per week in early July 2013. 

We want to confirm this and to lay down a marker for the future, for example for when we need to underpin requests for funding to help maintain the Line or to improve safe access or get better surfaces for us all to use.

So we ask you, whilst you are using the Line yourself at any time in the rest of May, please make a simple half an hour count of people you see using the Line. Email or message us with the total number on each occasion, plus some simple details as below:

1.     The number of people you saw on the Line, including yourselves, in half an hour. You choose which 30 minutes if you were out for longer.

2.     Where on the Line you did your count (roughly , e.g. from where to where)

3.     Date, day of the week and approximate time at the midpoint of your count ( e.g. 4.30 Friday, 22 May)

4.     Weather summary (e.g. sunny , dry / cloudy and wet / cold and windy)

5.     Any comment you want to make

6.     Your name and contact details please - so we know who sent us what!

N.B. If you see the same person twice in your half hour – where they are clearly returning having turned round themselves (and not just because you are returning), count them in again a second time.

Please email [email protected] or message 07788 198283 with your count details as above. Feel free to ask us any questions if it helps you.

Do send your count details as soon as you can after your count so you don’t forget them!

And yes, do as many counts as you want until the end of May please – every one will ‘count’!

Our experience is that different days and times will vary and we need to understand this so we get a good overall estimate of weekly use. Your count could really help us.

Many thanks

Friends of the Nickey Line                                                                                                

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