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Mum's Guide To Harpenden Blog

Welcome to our blog where we share local stories and guest advertorials from individuals, organisations and businesses.  If you would be interested in writing a guest advertorial please contact us.

ADVERTORIAL: Caring Connections - A new approach to care in the community


We are at that age where we have an older generation above us and a younger generation below. Sometimes it seems impossible to find the time or the right balance to care for our children as well as our parents or grandparents. We worry that those older can no longer care for themselves as they used to, or maybe that they need companionship and help around the home but we have to work and cart the children around.

Sarah and Celine, both from Wheathampstead, are passionate about being compassionate. Last year, they started Caring Connections, a new approach to caring for the vulnerable and elderly.

Here we ask Sarah about the ethos behind such a business:

What made you start Caring Connections?

·         I cared for my grandfather for many years in our own home until he passed away aged 97. After he had died there was a huge void in our lives. He had always said to do what we do best and so I felt compelled to look after other people’s parents and grandparents in the same way. Celine and I have known each other for many years and started this venture together to care for those who need a little extra help. We now have a small, select group of wonderful ladies who provide compassionate care in the area.

What does Caring Connections offer?

·         Our aim is to make life easier by assisting with household chores, washing and dressing, taking our clients on trips, giving companionship and making their daily lives less burdensome. This can ease the pressure on family members and gives them peace of mind as well as being a friendly face for our clients on a regular basis.

What does a day consist of for you?

·         Typically, we are off early to help a client start their day; that usually means helping with getting dressed, making the bed, preparing breakfast and discussing what happens to be in the paper that day. We then often go on to see someone else where we may accompany them on a walk, help with a few household chores like washing, baking together, sorting through cupboards etc. Other time we might assist with doctor's visits, pick up some shopping, go for a drive or to visit a friend. Celine is currently with a client who has a sick relative, and she's providing round the clock comfort and support, be that just sitting and chatting, driving to the hospital, or simply helping to organise things that need organising. We have clients that love to just have someone to touch base with every day or a couple of times a week. The end of a day can typically involve cooking a bit of supper, helping with a bedtime routine or popping a bit of shopping in.  I think it is fair to say that no two days are the same and every client has different needs. The best bit of the day is feeling that you have really been instrumental in making a positive difference to somebody's morning, afternoon, evening, life.

How do people get in touch?

·         Feel free to contact us to discuss how we may be able to assist you. You can do this by giving us a call on either 07742 064245 or 07742 064246.  We will be happy to have a chat. Or if you prefer go to our website caringconnections.co or our Facebook page @caringconnections

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