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Mum's Guide To Harpenden Blog

Welcome to our blog where we share local stories and guest advertorials from individuals, organisations and businesses.  If you would be interested in writing a guest advertorial please contact us.

ADVERTORIAL: The Squishiebiz story comes in two parts: Me, and my kids.


The Squishiebiz story comes in two parts: Me, Beth Fisher, a local mum, and my kids. 

My house was (and still is) full of my childrens’ squishie Emoji faces, cakes, fries, cats, mice… if you are a parent of 3 to 12 year olds, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  Kids LOVE them. They are trendy, colourful, collectable, they feel soft and smell sweet. I have to be honest and say, I didn’t understand what they were for.  But my kids think they’re great. 

As for me, I was spurred into action after helping out at school on ‘Greek Day’.  I was asked what I did. I know what I used to do (lawyer) but “nothing” was my reply. And I therefore decided to try starting a small business. How hard could it be?

Quite hard it turns out. I had no idea where to start and I kept making mistakes but my children are taught that these are called “Magic Mistakes” and I think that’s true. You learn from them. After a lot of thought and research, into finding the best headphones available for kids I now offer a range of squishies, headphones, and squishie related items, combining quality, fun and competitive pricing.

Since June it’s been a myriad of firsts for me: product research and testing. I’ve been a buyer, a negotiator, a sales and marketing person, logistics, packing and a photographer. I have launched two unique products and brought lots more squishies to the market. The Squishiebiz Headphones are well reviewed in the “Best Headphones for Kids 2018” in ‘tech advisor’. I have built my first website, done maths (much to the surprise of my kids!) and become acquainted with social media. But the best thing of all is that we have had so much fun as a family. We still get really excited when an order comes in. I’ve even shipped a pair of headphones to Australia!  

The website has been live for a matter of weeks and Squishiebiz is flourishing. It has taken hard work, a caring and generous husband, and a lot of laughter at my ‘less than best’ ideas. But I am proud to have started something, which is mine and actually seems to be being received really well! My brain is working again, which feels ‘right’. So, if anyone reading my story is feeling unfulfilled, under stimulated or just looking for a new direction, I would recommend wholeheartedly taking the plunge. Find an idea and run with it: the process is worth it in itself! And if you are in need of squishies or gift ideas, come and have a look at Squishiebiz.com!



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