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Transform lollipop sticks into plant labels



As the weather heats up, your kids are sure to be enjoying an ice lolly or two, so instead of binning the finished sticks, why not refurbish them for some garden fun?

Lead your kids round the garden with a notepad and get them to make a note of the types of plants and flowers you’re growing — no doubt this will prove thirsty work and warrant another lolly or two!

  • Wash off the lolly sticks to get rid of any sticky residue and leave them out to air-dry for an hour or two.
  • Brush some PVA glue over the top section of one stick and then attach a few on top horizontally to mimic a signpost.
  • Leave this to dry before letting the kids get creative.

To help the kids personalise their labels, dig out some coloured permanent markers or acrylic paint for them to decorate their lolly sticks with — just make sure they’re in clear view, this can get messy!

Once they’re fully dry from decorating, take them out and get them to stick the labels into the soil next to the corresponding plants: this will be sure to give them a sense of great achievement!

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At Wyevale Garden Centres, we’re passionate about gardens and want to spread the joy of gardening. That’s why, street by street, garden by garden, window-box by window-box, we aim to pass on ideas, inspiration and valuable tips to make garden-lovers of everyone.

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