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Thinking of returning to work?



It can be a daunting time if you’re about to return to work after a career break.

Online tools such as LinkedIn and job search websites can help if used effectively; update your profile and notification settings, make new contacts and join relevant discussion groups to keep up to date with industry changes and vacancies.

Recruiters spend little time reading CVs and applications; be sure to tailor yours, setting out how you meet their specific requirements at a glance. If you don’t think you match their specifications, increase your confidence and experience by volunteering, preferably in a role using skills your ideal job requires. Try your PTA, Governing BodyCVS or ask a local business for a work experience.

Rehearse your interview out loud; explain why you like this job and company, when and how you’ve used the skills they require. Giving specific examples and referring to ‘I’ not ‘we’ will make answers more credible. If your self-confidence is low check out this great TED Talk showing just how much impact a 2-minute ‘Power Pose’ can have on your confidence.

If you are after part-time work, don’t rule out full-time posts. Organisations may be more likely to agree to different working patterns when they have met you. Alternatively, after 26 weeks you have the right to apply for flexible working.

The best of luck.

About the author

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