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The Room 101 List


Following on from my previous blog, where to be honest having read it back I came across as “quite smug” to put it politely, I’ve now decided to have a Room 101 list too. As Great Aunt Sheila wrote in our wedding card (when she refused to come to the wedding because we were too young) “life isn’t always a bed of roses” – well, joke’s on you Sheila as 20 years later even though I annoy the hell out of him he hasn’t run away yet – I am not at all bitter and all is forgiven, no really, I have moved on! But, this morning definitely reminded me of that phrase. After an horrific migraine in the night thanks to half a carafe of rose wine, animals scratching through the walls in an attempted remake of Sean of the Dead (we’re on holiday in a converted barn which by day is utterly gorgeous) and various visits by children who’ve lost a teddy/dummy/their little mind…I was then woken with No.2 squealing, “No.4’s done a poo in his pants…again”. (Obviously we don’t call our children by their number in real life – unless we’re teasing Granny who can never get all their names right and sometimes it’s just easier.) Oh joy. Strip bed & child. Wash both. And the day has begun.

So, which bit to put on the 101 list? The child? My inability to drink wine without the headache later? The swimming pool that No.4 drinks the entirety of each day and makes him poo his pants every morning? Ah, it’s a hard life being on holiday. Let’s put Great Aunt Sheila on the list seeing that she’s already 6ft under and we never knew her.

And so here’s my list for the opposite of my gratitude journal –
1) People who have no faith in the young
2) Poo – why kids have to do it/say it/find it so hilarious
3) Post-holiday blues – especially before the end of the holiday when you’re already dreading returning to the craziness that is ‘normal’ back home
4) Socks – just because.

For ways to stay sane once the holidays are over head to your local Mum’s guide to site and book your children onto lots of activities and clubs so that you have time to wash sheets and drink wine.

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