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Small changes can make a big difference!



As a busy mum, I know how difficult it can be to fit health and fitness in to a busy lifestyle, but by making a number of small changes you can make a big difference to the way you look and feel!

1. Remember doing something is always better than doing nothing!
10 minutes of exercise is better than 0 minutes of exercise! Next time you boil the kettle see how many tricep dips you can do! Repeat each time you put the kettle on and you’ll soon have arms to be proud of!

2. Health and fitness is a combination of diet and exercise.
Hide the biscuit tin but have the fruit bowl somewhere obvious! It’s out of sight out of mind – next time you fancy a snack you’ll reach for a satsuma rather than a Digestive!

3. Why not workout with the children? 
Join in with them when they are jumping on the trampoline. Or how about a family game of cricket or rounders?

4. Talk a lot on the phone?
Make it an active phone call! Go for a walk whilst you make your calls or even just pace around the house!

5. Wear ankle weights when you are at home!
Then everyday tasks like climbing the stairs will become a workout! You’ll soon find your glutes will be rivalling the Kardashians!

About the author

Louise Condon is the founder of Jump n Juice, the online fitness club. https://jumpnjuice.co.uk/

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