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Mum’s guide to… is recruiting!

Have you spent hours trawling the internet, speaking to friends and collecting flyers from coffee shops to find out what to do in your area with the kids?

Do you want to remedy this, help other parents and make some money? Then YOU need to talk to us about launching your local Mum’s guide to…!

Who are we?

Mum’s guide to Harpenden was launched in 2012 when we, 4 mums with 13 children between us, became frustrated trying to find out what was available for families in our town so we took it upon ourselves to solve the problem.  We set out to create a single, comprehensive website to provide local family information covering everything from bumps to teens.

Since then the website has gone from strength to strength and we are thrilled and very proud of the success we have achieved, with parents describing Mum’s guide to Harpenden as their “bible” and businesses telling us that it is “THE website” that they need to be advertising on.

In October 2016 we launched our Mum’s guide to UK site to share articles and blogs about family life, and now we have decided to spread our wings, and our guides, to other UK towns in the hope that more families can benefit from knowing everything their area has to offer.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for enthusiastic, conscientious, sociable candidates who have an interest in their local community and are self-motivated, have great attention to detail, excellent communication skills and preferably with a good knowledge of social media. You could also be a group of friends looking for a new opportunity together.

We don’t ask for any specific qualifications but we do ask that you live in, or in close vicinity of the town you would like to run a site for.  And although it’s not essential, we think you would find the role easier if you are a parent or carer.

Is every town suitable?

To be honest, no!  If it’s a large town or city (more than 100,000 people) you may find that the task is just too big to take on, though a site this size might suit a team of people.  However, there’s also more likely to be competition from other, more established, publications in the “what’s on for families” space.

If you live in a small town or village (less than 10,000 people) the problem tends to be that the potential to earn from advertising is very limited due to the smaller number of businesses and the size of the target audience.  You could also end up being overshadowed if an MGT site was to start up in a nearby larger town.

None of this is set in stone of course.  You know your area best and we’d just recommend that you do some research to determine suitability, bearing in mind what you want to achieve with the site.

What can you expect?

You can expect to get involved in your local community whilst working hours that suit you. With no upfront financial commitment and a generous commission this is a fun and rewarding opportunity. You will be your own boss and able to continue working from home alongside other commitments such as caring for a family.

With an easy to use Content Management System to maintain the website you will be the ‘go-to’ information site for your local town supported by our established and respected brand every step of the way.

What does the role involve?

  • Researching your area for kids’ activities and family facilities to list on the website
  • Keeping up to date with what’s on in your area to populate the events page
  • Posting local information on social media sites
  • Corresponding with local businesses who wish to advertise on the site
  • Booking and setting up paid-for content on the site
  • Promoting the site within your town

There is also the opportunity to write and share blogs and articles on the site if you wish.

What do you do next?

Take a look at our flagship Mum’s guide to Harpenden website and Facebook page to get a sense of what we do.

If you think you’d enjoy running your own Mum’s guide to local site contact us for more details.