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Make a difference with your Christmas Countdown



Have you heard of the Reverse Advent Calendar?  Many Foodbanks around the country are encouraging this initiative during Advent, but even if your local foodbank isn’t officially promoting it there’s no reason you can’t get involved.  They will always be grateful for any donations.

The idea is that each day of Advent you place a different essential item into a box, and on Christmas Eve (or whenever your foodbank is open around Christmas) drop the box off to them, so that it can be distributed to those in need over the Christmas period.  This is a great way to remind our children that Christmas all about giving, and that for lots of reasons not everyone will be enjoying the perfect Christmas this year.

Here’s a list of suggested items that could be placed into a box:

  • dry rice & pasta
  • tinned items:
    • meat
    • fish
    • vegetables
    • potatoes
    • beans
    • tomatoes
    • soup
    • fruit
    • custard
    • rice pudding
  • instant mash
  • pasta sauce
  • teabags/instant coffee/hot chocolate
  • long-life milk
  • long-life juice
  • sugar
  • cereal
  • jam/marmalade/spreads
  • biscuits
  • chocolate
  • toothbrushes
  • toothpaste
  • sanitary products
  • waashing up liquid
  • toilet roll

Most foodbanks publish lists of items that they are most urgently in need of and those that they have surpluses of, so if you are doing your own advent calendar you may like to check their website to ensure you donate the items that are most needed.

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