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Kids should rule the world!


Sometimes I think I was smarter when I was a child. I spent a few hours with just my eldest son today, a rare treat, which highlighted this theory. When I was his age I, too, questioned everything; I was eager to learn why people behaved in a certain way (usually – what the hell are they doing?? kind of way) and I was desperate to try and make the world a better place. Whether that meant fighting for justice on behalf of a best friend who’d had her favourite pencil stolen (you know, the one with the fluffy pink pompom on the end) or raising money (about 25p) for the endangered Giant Panda because they’re “Sooo cute!”.

I haven’t changed much in thought but my realisation that there just isn’t time in the day to solve the world crises on my own has prevented me from waving banners and rescuing penguins. I have deep admiration for those that do and I thoroughly intend to embarrass my children when they’ve left home by becoming a hippie-like-naked-campaigner outside Parliament for all those causes close to my heart. If only we could be more childlike with our dreams and aspirations. If only they weren’t dampened by people saying disheartening comments or leading us astray. My son said today that “It’s hard to be a child because adults want children to be perfect just like them”. I found this hugely ironic as I have yet to meet a perfect adult and yet most children I meet are just fabulous!

It has taken nearly two decades, since my fun-loving, carefree teenager crazy days, to realise that I need to lose a few inhibitions that have crept in, stop over-thinking the options and consequences, stop micro-managing everything we do so there is no space to let our hair down and enjoy being older and wiser (and with the ability to drink and not have to get up for lectures the next day!). I love that my children try anything and everything. I love that they’re happy to chat with people from every walk of life, from the homeless to aristocrats (our family’s roles are extreme to say the least!) because what is the difference? We all exist on this planet for the same amount of time, give or take a few years. We all start with dreams and we all end up in the same place (hopefully…because I don’t fancy going downwards…!)

So, my challenge to you all is to get out there and do stuff that you’ve always wanted to try, regardless of the outcome. You might find new talents, new friends, new experiences… Here’s to the New Year (a little tardy, apologies for that, I’ve been trying new things – I found a few new mocktails for dry January!) and a New Confident Us.

Best of luck and let us know how you get on!


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