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Home-made water bombs



If the children need to cool off in the heat try these home-made water bombs! I made these a few years ago, so I can’t actually remember where the idea came from, but these are really simple and cheap to make for a bit of outdoor summer water fun. In fact so simple the children could make them themselves.

All you need is:

  • some packs of washing-up sponge wipes – the flat rectangular type that usually come in a multi-pack of different colours
  • some elastic bands or hair ties
  • a bucket of water

To make them:

  • Cut the sponges into strips (not too thin otherwise they will rip too easily).
  • Gather together about 8 strips and wrap an elastic around the middle a few times – tight enough so they don’t fall apart, but not too tight that the strips rip off when thrown.
  • Separate the pieces into a make-shift ball shape.
  • Fill a bowl or bucket (or more than one, the children might want one each!) with water.
  • Soak the sponges, find your target and get ready to get wet!

Have fun!  And when the fun is over, leave them to dry and keep them for next time.

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