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Hallowe’en Howling


I love Hallowe’en.

I love the idea of ghosts and ghouls and I particularly love the food creations and spooky decorations. I think my Dad is to blame. I remember going to the graveyard one Hallowe’en when I was little. Dad led my brother and me amongst the graves. It was pure movie material as the mist came down over the tombstones, the moon was full and bright and there was a chill in the air as we walked through the creaking iron gates. (Well, that’s how I remember it!) I was probably petrified at the time as it clearly left a lasting impression but as the years have passed I’ve experienced a few personal ghostly encounters and so has my eldest son. None of it has been at all scary, instead rather intriguing.

I experienced constant déjà vu when I was growing up and a few events that I’d already dreamt actually happened. This lessened and eventually disappeared as my brain became full of real life stress and looking after children. But it hasn’t stopped the paranormal popping up every now and then! Having attended a haunted school and sneakily doing a few Ouija boards we had some odd experiences on the “top corridor” involving the lady who’d died in a fire 200 years ago… but my favourite meeting was when we stayed at the Tower of London. I’m still unsure who the gentleman was who stood behind my husband as he closed the bedroom door, but my aunt who was living there at the time decided it was the Irish in me that allowed me this sixth sense! Maybe it was the Irish in my son who let him see “Christopher” in a brown coat in the cave at Port Isaac.

So Hallowe’en and all its commercialism is embraced in our house and new decorations are created or bought each year to add to the spooky atmosphere (although toilet roll bats made by the kids are hardly sinister!). I also love a Hallowe’en tea party for the children and their friends. I’m not a particularly great chef, but here are some easy ideas for you to try:

For places to visit to carve pumpkins and prepare some ghoulish treats for Hallowe’en over half term visit your local Mum’s guide to site.

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