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Favourite Children’s Books for Libraries Week



Some time ago we asked our children (then aged 1-12) to tell us about their favourite books and as it’s Libraries Week it seemed appropriate to share them. Perhaps if your children are looking for some inspiration for a new book to read they might like to pop to their local library and try one of these recommendations.


Daniel (age 12) is a fan of books that make him laugh.  Over the years he has enjoyed the “Mr Gum” books by Andy Stanton, Jeff Kinney’sDiary of A Wimpy Kid” series, everything by David Walliams and is now enjoying the “Diamond Brothers” series by Anthony Horowitz.  In particular Daniel recommends “South by South East”.  He says “There are others in the Diamond Brothers series, but this my favourite. It’s a mystery book with humour about two brothers who run a detective agency.  It has a good story and although it’s complex this makes it interesting.  All the little clues scattered throughout the book fit together really well at the end to make a satisfying conclusion.”

Emma (age 9) enjoys the childhood classics of Enid Blyton.  She is a huge fan of the “Malory Towers” series and says she would love it to be made into a film!  But her current recommendation is Enid Blyton’s “The Mystery of…” series about the five find-outers and dog.  She says “The books are not too serious and the characters have lots of fun.  I find them interesting to read and as they find clues I can imagine that I am there and trying to solve the mystery too.  Sometimes I manage to solve the mystery before they do.”

Jack (age 9) is currently reading the “Percy Jackson” series by Rick Riordan, a set of books based on Greek mythology.  He says “It is a really daring and fun adventure series about demigod Percy Jackson.  He has deadly missions and action, which I really like.”


Immy (age 9) is also a huge fan of Enid Blyton and although she hasn’t read it for a while she says her favourite book is still “The Chimney Corner Collection”.  Immy says she likes it because “it contains lots of short stories about elves, pixies and gnomes, and they are really funny stories which make me laugh”.  At the moment Immy is enjoying books written by Noel Streatfeild, including “Ballet Shoes”, “White Boots” and “Apple Bough”.

Matthew (age 7) has recently discovered the Jack Stalwart series by Elizabeth Singer Hunt.  Jack is a 7-year old secret agent on the hunt for his brother Max in adventures that take him across the globe.  Matthew says: “The books are really fun because he goes on adventures to lots of exciting places and does cool things – like jumping out of a plane.  My favourite book is “The Mission to find Max: Egypt” because “it has 3 secret agents working together. It makes me want to be like him.”

Ben (age 5) says his favourite books are the “Topsy and Tim” books by Jean and Gareth Adamson.  In particular he really enjoys “Topsy and Tim Move House” because he likes it when the cat jumps out of the window of the car.

Felix (age 5) likes to return time and time again to his Ladybird Collection books.  He says that his favourite story is “George and the Dragon (The Reluctant Dragon)” because he “likes the pretend fight and that the dragon actually liked George”.

Leo (age 1) never fails to be entertained by any of the books in the must-have “That’s not my…” series by Fiona Watt & Rachel Wells.  With their bright pictures and tactile pages it’s easy to see why any of these books (and there are lots to choose from!) would delight any baby or toddler.

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