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Start of a bad joke – six boys, one dog and a mother try to go to the park…


The half term hasn’t exactly gone to plan and I had actually written a vague plan. Mostly because we were borrowing a friend’s dog whilst they were away so I had thought of a list of parks to go to each day and one small other activity. It started with the youngest being a little under the weather followed by the two middle boys being sick in quick succession leaving enough time between them to change the bedsheets – so considerate! The following day the toddler fell in the pond trying to retrieve the borrowed dog’s ball (even though I’d already moved him away from the pond wall once as I then had to go and clean up more sick) and the pond grill we’d had installed for extortionate amounts of money finally showed its worth.

Day 3 (second day of the plumber redoing the bathroom just to add to the fun of half term with 4 boys and a borrowed dog). Woke up to a deliciously sweet smelling nappy crawling into bed with us and sliding it across our sheets…oh lordy, I wasn’t ready for today. 9.15am and the doorbell went for the third time this morning. On opening the door in walked the 2 boys I thought we were having the next day because they’re moving house. Ah. Slight change of plan for PACKING day but all good as nothing much changes when it’s just adding 2 boys into the equation. Still have to walk the dog and off to play rugby at Daddy’s work today at lunch time so everyone can join in.

Finally got everyone dressed, shoed and coated for the park, clambered into the car, rearranged seats, dog and buggy. Builder shouts “STOP!” and the fun really begins, a flat tyre. Think – need to call the RAC, get everyone back inside and cry. Builder is sensible and not an emotional woman and therefore doesn’t panic. He uses a pump and sends us on our way to the garage (without any tears). After playing in the park for one and a half hours, the garage calls to say it’s irreparable so new tyres are bought, council is blamed for atrocious pot holes, world put to right with mechanic and drinks and flapjacks are bought for the restless but angelic natives.

Mum then let me know that after 2 weeks of worry she only has a 10% chance of a heart attack and apparently anything can be survived if fish and chips follow in hot pursuit of disaster.

Got back home, never made it to rugby, the cat is in hiding from the dog, and the plumber has had an equally fun day after draining the system, discovering a leak, put his thumb over it whilst holding other pipes and then covered it with a cap by using his mouth! I couldn’t help myself by laughing as this was very similar to a recent Fireman Sam episode I’d had to endure 100 times!

And so to bed.

I don’t normally snuggle with the baby to get him to sleep, but after such an eventful day, it was a lovely way to unwind before cracking open the wine. Just as I was drifting off, he leant over and with terrible spatial awareness head butted me with a kiss. Yup, that finished me off.

So I’m raising a glass or 5 to every parent tonight at the tail end of half term. Congratulations for staying alive this week.

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