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Back to Basics



In our tech-driven world, it is no wonder that when it comes to raising our children, parents are going back to the basics. Simplicity seems to be the order of the day. We are starting to simplify things in order to counterbalance all the chaos and business that our lives have become.

Society seems to be moving in the direction of minimalism by keeping our environment simple and clean. Even baby names are going back to the basics with an ever increasing number of online searches for more classic baby names such as Oscar, Isaac, Emma, and Grace.

How Things Are Changing

It doesn’t take more than a simple look on Pinterest to see that fashion, toys, and nurseries are changing from what we are used to. Gone are the days of brightly coloured rooms with toy boxes overflowing with plastic toys. Today, the focus is on neutral and pastel colours, sleek furniture, and very minimalist. Bright plastic toys have been replaced with wooden toys and jungle decorated rooms have been switched for fairy and woodland creature themes.

Play Is Back In

We all probably have fond memories of our childhoods and the games we played and all the time we spent outside. Riding our bikes with friends and only coming home when the street lights came on. We lived a relatively carefree existence. However, with the improvement of technology, children started spending more and more of their time behind screens. There has been a lot of research conducted showing the damage and harm that screens can cause to our children’s well-being. One such study showed that the length of time a child spends using electronic devices has a major influence on their social skills as well as their ability to recognise human emotions. This means that children who spend excessive amounts of time in front of a screen are not able to tell if someone is happy, sad, or excited which can have a huge impact on how they relate to the world and themselves.

All this research has lead to the ‘back to play’ movement. Today, children are encouraged to play more and screen time is more limited. And going back to simplifying things, parents are looking for ideas online for age appropriate activities which cuts down on the clutter of toys. Imaginary and open ended play is what’s important. Forts are hugely popular this year. Children don’t need big fancy toys nor do they need hundreds of them. They just need the opportunity to actively engage their imagination. Play is the work of children; this is how they learn.

The Sugar Wake-Up Call

As well as our need to simplify our lives and cut back on the clutter and ‘noise’ in our homes, society on a whole is also becoming more healthy. There is a return to the basics in the kitchen too. As childhood obesity rates have soared over the years, we are waking up to the dangers this places on our children’s precious lives. Realising how much sugar exists in our diet has been the biggest eye opener for many and this has been the main ingredient to be cut out. We are finally bringing our eating habits back to what they should be and limiting the amount of processed food we consume. Zoodles (zucchini noodles) are all the rage and spiralizers are a kitchen must-have for making your own veggie noodles.

We seem to be moving in a positive direction to reduce unnecessary stress in our lives and create a calming environment to come home to at the end of the day. Focusing on our health and that of our family is another step in the right direction. If we keep going this way, hopefully we can see a drop in the number of health conditions both adults and children are suffering from.

About the author

Della Rodriquez is a full-time blogger and reviewer of health products and all things health related. She is an expert at determining which products are the best, like with the Research Verified review, and what to look out for in the health industry.   www.mommyauthority.com/our-research-verified-review

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