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5 laundry hacks for busy parents



As a parent you’ll be all too familiar with the constant juggling of tasks to get both you and your kids sorted each day. But, between doing the school run, dropping them off at extra-curricular activities and getting yourself to work, you’ll still need to find time to do the pile of laundry that has mounted up.

Laundry is the one of the most time-consuming household chores, with a survey from Airtasker finding that the average Brit spends 102 minutes per year doing it. So, if you’re fed up with the washing eating into your day, you’re in luck. Here, I’ll be sharing my top five laundry hacks for busy parents.

Start a laundry basket system
We all dread sifting through the family laundry basket to separate clothes by colour — and isn’t it always the case that one sock manages to get left behind on the stairs? Instead of wasting valuable time sorting these, I suggest creating a laundry basket system so everything can effortlessly be bundled into the washer. Having separate baskets for your whites, colours and delicates will cut down the time you spend sorting and will make the laundry process much quicker and simpler.

You could also look at getting some baskets to separate out each family member’s clothing straight from the dryer to make the sorting process easier, too.

Buy some sock clips
Losing socks is almost too easy when you’re doing the washing, so why not make it less likely by purchasing some sock clips? These clever tools can be used to peg together your matching socks through the washer and dryer so you can spend less time frantically searching for a pair of your little one’s matching school socks on a Monday morning.

If you have a tiny baby, their socks can be easier to lose in the wash, so consider putting these into a lingerie bag. These will keep all of your baby’s belongings together and save you money that you’d spend on replacing them!

Add a fluffy towel to speed up drying
Waiting for your toddler’s school uniform to be dry on time can be an incredibly tense time so, why not give yourself a head start and add a fluffy towel to your dryer to speed up the process? The dry towel will absorb the moisture from your wet clothes, reducing the drying time and saving you money by using up less energy.

For best results, I recommend taking the towel out of the dryer after around 15–20 minutes. This will ensure the towel isn’t adding extra moisture back into the machine which could slow down the drying process.

Pre-soak stains before washing
There are many different types of stains your family laundry can accumulate, especially with the kids going on all sorts of adventures. While your washer might be able to get these out the first time round, if the stains are old, the chances of them being removed completely can be slim.

There are plenty of specialist stain removers out there for you to try, so use these first then wash in cold water. If your family’s whites need a spruce up, I recommend mixing and applying a pre-soak solution of ½ water and ½ hydrogen peroxide. Just be aware that this last hack only works on whites and may bleach your colours so avoid testing it on those!

Cut out ironing time
Ironing can be an extremely tedious chore, and when you’ve got many other things to be getting on with, it can certainly seem a burden.

If your items aren’t suitable for putting in the dryer, consider investing in a clothes horse that has grooves for hangers to decrease the chances of crinkled clothing. This can be particularly effective if you put them into a steamy room, as this softens the bonds formed by the fabric molecules which opens up creases and allows them to drop out.

Doing the family laundry can be extremely dull at the best of times but, when you’re a busy parent with limited time it can become a pain. Reduce the time spent washing, drying and ironing with my top five laundry hacks and watch your household workload shift.

About the author

Angie Tang works for Laundrapp, the UK’s leading online laundry and dry cleaning service. Whether you are dry cleaning shirts, suits, blouses or dresses, or simply looking for a quality duvet-cleaning service, Laundrapp offers the highest quality and professional service direct to your door. laundrapp.com

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