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5 Great tips to keep your Christmas kitchen running productively



Christmas is a testing time for your kitchen, and big plans can quickly turn to chaos if you don’t manage everything the right way. Thankfully, there are a number of things you can do to restore some order and get everything running productively, five of which I’ve rounded up below.

Keep a tidy house

You might be the tidiest person around, but Christmas dinner can bring a level of mess to your kitchen that you might not be ready for. Prepare for the big day by clearing your benches and other surfaces, so you can maximise workspace for all those delicious dishes. You may also want to spend some time sorting through your fridge and freezer, as it can be surprising how quickly they can fill up once you’ve completed the big Christmas shop.

Use your fridge and freezer to get ahead of schedule

If you find yourself flailing around on the big day trying to get things ready, you’ve missed out on a Christmas miracle: the power of your fridge and freezer. These magnificent appliances allow you to prepare many of your festive trimmings in advance and keep them fresh for the 25th December.

You may be surprised at just how many dishes can be made in this way. For example, trimmings like gravy, Yorkshire puddings, and stuffing can be readied days in advance, frozen, then warmed up on the day. Even some vegetables, such as cabbage and parsnips, can be cooked on Christmas Eve, then refrigerated overnight. Every little thing you can prepare beforehand will give you more breathing room to enjoy the festivities.

Don’t box yourself into a Christmas Day corner

If you’re hosting quite a few friends and family at your home, you might be feeling pressured to make sure everyone has a festive feast to remember. However, you can give yourself some wriggle room on Christmas Day by giving a rough idea of when dinner will be ready, rather than setting yourself an exact deadline.

This way, everything will be a lot more flexible and you will have enough time to make sure everything is perfect. Concerned about your guests getting peckish as they wait? Put out some finger food for them to nibble on, such as cheese and crackers or breadsticks and dip.

Know how to use your kitchen’s full potential

For many people, making a big meal can cause logistical problems in the kitchen. It’s possible to overestimate the size of your oven so, when you plan to cook a few things at the same time, you find there isn’t enough space and a traffic jam can take place.

If you know that your oven is on the smaller side, consider alternative ways of preparing certain dishes, such as steaming vegetables or using a separate slow cooker to prepare the meat. By using the rest of your kitchen to its full potential, you can ease up any overreliance on your poor oven. It’s also worth thinking ahead and looking for food that can be cooked at the same temperature and for similar times, so you can double up dishes in your oven with maximum efficiency.

Recruit a clean-up team

After all your hard work in the kitchen, the prospect of having to clean everything up can be a black cloud on the horizon. However, remember that preparing a Christmas feast for loved ones puts you well within your rights to look for some clean-up helpers among them. Chances are, you’ll have a few volunteers anyway, but don’t be afraid to haul anyone who makes a beeline for their favourite armchair straight into the kitchen to wash and dry some dishes.

Take my festive tips on board and you will be able to run a super-efficient Christmas kitchen and still have some time to enjoy the day with your family. Good luck!




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