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We’ve been around as a local site for the parents of Harpenden and the surrounding areas for over 4 years promoting everything that’s available in the area for children and families, and in that time we have also featured great articles from a variety of contributors and hilarious blogs from our very own mummy blogger that have been a big hit with our followers.  So we’ve decided to expand and share them with parents across the UK and beyond.

For latest updates follow us on Facebook or Twitter. And if you have information, advice, ideas or inspiration you’d like to share with parents across the UK then do get in touch.  We’d love to hear from you.

Big Fluffy American Pancakes (and a bonus Greek one…) from Theo Cooks!

Pancakes in the Michaels household is a firm weekend favourite and there is only so long you can refuse the protesting and mantra of two children shouting; ‘pancakes! pancakes! pancakes!’ at 8 o’clock in the morning...

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Simple Ideas for World Book Day

If there are three little words that every parent dreads at this time of year they are “World Book Day”. We know that it’s coming, it happens every March, and every year we swear we’ll be more organised next time. But inevitably we put off thinking about it in the hope that some great idea will come to us, and instead, when it doesn’t, we end up in a last minute panic.

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Keeping our children safe online

From the moment they are born we naturally begin to teach our children how to keep safe in everyday life, usually based on our own knowledge and experiences. But when it comes to safety online this can be a whole new and unknown world for parents too.

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BLOG: The Ultimate Effort in Meal Planning

Bigger, better, faster, more. We seem to be taking everything to the extreme these day. But when it comes to meal planning, have I gone a step too far?

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Four considerations you should make when letting children use technology

As our lives are becoming more and more reliant on digital services, and the connectivity between our gadgets is improving all the time, it’s inevitable that our kids will encounter the trials and tribulations of using technology from an early age. With this in mind, we’ve put together four considerations that you should make if you are thinking of letting your children use technology.

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Homeopathy – get the lowdown

Homeopathy is a safe, gentle and effective form of holistic medicine which is non-toxic and without the side-effects sometimes associated with conventional medicine. Here's why it can help you and your children.

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How to avoid seasonal sickness this winter

Judging by the recent plummet in temperature, winter has well and truly kicked in. The cold weather, the shock of going back to work, all while battling post-Christmas fatigue can bring our defenses down, making us easy targets for colds and flu. If you are on a quest to fight the flu this winter, try applying these simple changes to your lifestyle and you may manage to avoid catching whatever bug happens to be doing the rounds.

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BLOG: Kids should rule the world!

Sometimes I think I was smarter when I was a child. I was desperate to try and make the world a better place. Whether that meant fighting for justice on behalf of a best friend who’d had her favourite pencil stolen (you know, the one with the fluffy pink pompom on the end) or raising money (about 25p) for the endangered Giant Panda

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Top tips to prevent sports injuries in children.

Participation in sport is fantastic for both the physical, social & psychological health, however, it is important to use measures to protect our children against injury especially if they are competing more and more. As most injuries tend to be due to overuse, many positive actions can be taken by our young athletes to prevent injuries...

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The ultimate guide for planning your child’s birthday party!

The Do's and Don'ts of the perfect children's party! Take the stress away and start organising today! Here's how...

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