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Is it time for you to ditch the scales?

When you step onto the scales how does it make you feel? Good? Rubbish? Motivated? Frustrated? Does weighing yourself actually serve a purpose or does it just reinforce negative feelings about yourself?

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BLOG: The Perfect Mother – HA HA HA HA!!!

My pledge to be more patient and fun with the kids is being stretched to within a hair’s breadth. (I knew it might be too much to try two things at once.)

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Super Simple Sardine Fishcakes – a perfect after school dinner for the kids!

It's always great to have new ideas for the children's teatime and even better when it's quick, easy and packed with goodness, so these super simple fishcakes tick all the boxes.

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5 summer essentials you need for your family caravan holiday

Bring these five essentials with you when you set off on your caravan holiday and you will already be on the right track to having a great time. With a little bit of forethought, you can enjoy a memorable family holiday together.

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Government Childcare Choices Website Launched

The launch of the Childcare Choices website means parents are now able to find available government support. Millions of parents can now pre-register for the government’s new childcare offers, with the launch of this new government website.

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BLOG: Mental Health Awareness Week – let’s get talking

As it is Mental Health Awareness Week I thought it would be rather fitting to explore my own relationship with mental health issues.

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BLOG: Carry on Camping – be careful that Karma’s not packed in the cool box!

My April Fool’s prank on my husband earlier on in the day…

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Separated & Divorced Mums: 6 Answers to Common Legal Questions About Children

Life changes in all sorts of ways when you separate or divorce. Here are 6 of the most common questions we get asked by mums who have separated.

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Why football is the perfect hobby for your kids

Encouraging your child into football can have an impact that lasts far longer than their fledging sports career. Help them discover their strengths and weaknesses, release their competitive energy and be part of a team.

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Easter Rocky Road

Wondering what to do with all that chocolate lying around after Easter? This naughty, but nice treat that is a brilliant way of using up any surplus Easter treats.

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