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We’ve been around as a local site for the parents of Harpenden and the surrounding areas for over 4 years promoting everything that’s available in the area for children and families, and in that time we have also featured great articles from a variety of contributors and hilarious blogs from our very own mummy blogger that have been a big hit with our followers.  So we’ve decided to expand and share them with parents across the UK and beyond.

For latest updates follow us on Facebook or Twitter. And if you have information, advice, ideas or inspiration you’d like to share with parents across the UK then do get in touch.  We’d love to hear from you.

Separated & Divorced Mums: 6 Answers to Common Legal Questions About Children

Life changes in all sorts of ways when you separate or divorce. Here are 6 of the most common questions we get asked by mums who have separated.

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Why football is the perfect hobby for your kids

Encouraging your child into football can have an impact that lasts far longer than their fledging sports career. Help them discover their strengths and weaknesses, release their competitive energy and be part of a team.

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Easter Rocky Road

Wondering what to do with all that chocolate lying around after Easter? This naughty, but nice treat that is a brilliant way of using up any surplus Easter treats.

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Let’s roll with it… bringing back old traditions

There seems to be a lot of “modern traditions” (if that’s not an oxymoron) springing up around festivals and holidays these days – Elf on the Shelf and Christmas Eve Boxes being perfect examples. But what about bringing back some simple, old-fashioned traditions?

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10 ideas for an idyllic outdoor spring

When you were growing up what was your favourite thing you remember doing outside in spring? Running through the fields with the lambs? Picking daffodils for your grandmother? Lying on your back watching the white fluffy clouds in the glorious blue sky? OK, so maybe that’s a little idealistic but there’s no harm in using your imagination...

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Surprise the kids with an Easter Egg with a difference!

Looks like a boiled egg with soldiers but is a little different... this is the perfect dessert for Easter. Tell the kids they're having boiled eggs for dessert, let the whining ensue and the surprise them with this recipe! These are surprisingly easy to make, you just need to prepare them ahead of time so they can freeze before you deep fry them!

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BLOG: Going dotty over the potty

Out of all the child-rearing challenges a parent has to face Potty Training has got to be up there with the worst.

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Gain Control of your Diet (We’re thinking post-Easter…!)

We seem to have forgotten that food is fuel and instead feel that everything we eat should taste like heaven and make us feel content and comforted. Controlling a diet can be a challenge when we are used to eating to make us feel good as opposed to satisfying hunger and providing us with energy!

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Lemon Crunch Yogurt (a.k.a. Breakfast in bed for Mum!)

A healthy breakfast that is simple enough for the kids to prepare for Mother’s Day! If you have any fresh berries lying around, they make an excellent addition to this delicious morning treat.

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Mum’s guide to the perfect Mother’s Day gift

What would make your perfect Mother's Day? When I had my fourth baby I was lucky enough to be surrounded by amazing people. Friends that gave me gifts that I will always treasure and will try to replicate for my friends when the appropriate time arises. These gifts were not bought, but given with love and time - the kind of presents that your children and other halves can maybe repeat.

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