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Mum's Guide To St Neots Blog

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How are things with the little one? To help you get your little one to sleep at different times of the day I’ve compiled a list of things to try. It’s written by a mum (not a health specialist).

1.      Temperature - make sure your little one is not too hot or cold. With the evenings being warm and the nights cooler its worth checking their room temperature regularly and making sure they’re dressed for bed right. There are some great tips for what to wear from the Baby Centre and Gro

2.      Blackout curtains - the sun is rising earlier and earlier, sounds crazy but it does help.

3.      Car journeys – this would normally be in my top spot but unfortunately due to restrictions you’ll have to wait to try this out.

4.      Pram/pushchair ride –  as with the car, the motion helps and when lockdown is over you might be able to have a sneaky coffee too.

5.      White noise - There are some great apps and YouTube clips of white noises to try. If you search on YouTube for White Noise Black Screen you can find the noise with a blacked out screen for your phone so you don’t wake the little one with bright lights.

Of course there are lots of reasons why your baby might not want to sleep so make sure you’ve checked their nappy, temperature, are they hungry, teething and in need of pain relief, ill, going through a growth spurt, they may not need that daytime nap today, overtired or they just want to cuddle.

There is lots of advice to help if you scroll down on the NHS site at Your New Baby 

If you need further help or advice the doctors, midwives and health visitors are still available. The Cambridgeshire health visitors are on 0300 029 50 50.


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