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Great apps for very young children, preschoolers and reception age. All the familiar CBEEBIES programmes, too, like Octonauts.


Number bonds adventure 4+

This is a great way to learn your number bonds for pre-school and early primary. It shows how 2 numbers relate to each other to get an answer.

Child ++++


Maths Land – Free Version by Didactoons Age 4+

This is a fun app that is based around gaming with maths puzzles in between to progress to the carry on playing your level.

Start game>move your avatar, and later, pirate ship through the islands, collecting coins whilst being attacked by cannons, birds and poisonous plants, to reach the Wise man who asks you a number of maths questions (these are additions, subtractions, multiplications) the questions are age appropriate which can be set by the parent. After visiting the wise man and completing the questions you continue to to progress through the level. Other tasks involved in each level are locating a key, treasure chest and door. The rewards are a collection of items and gems.

Very appealing to everyone, under 5 may need assistance to move their avatar as the maps becomes more complicated. When my little one was 5 year he still loved to play even when the map became more complicated, it's lasted too as both boy and girl still play the game 3 years later.

There is a paid version but we have not tried it yet.

Child +++++


Active Primary Learn paid Age 4+

This was provided by the school and I think it is one of the best maths apps around. Lots of games for the children to play and maths to learn. The settings can be adjusted to focus on what the teacher wants the pupil to learn so it remains relevant and tests the child in a fun and challenging way. Both I and the kids are huge fans.

Child +++++

Parent +++++

Multiplication Ninja – 5+

Learn by practicing the quiz of your choice ie 1x, 8x. If your child is finding the quiz difficult they can use the help icon to see the multiplication square during the quiz.

Upon successful completion of the quiz the play icon is displayed and the child is treated to a game of moving their ninja left to right, to avoid the ninja stars.

Other activities are the time trial where you can see how many questions you can answer in 1 minute. Plus the 30 second duel which cleverly turns your tablet into a two player game console and the players can compete by answering questions at the opposite side of the tablet.

Child Rating +++++

Parent rating +++++


Monster Spelling Age 3+

You pop the bubbles to spell the sword shown which is great at any age. This is a very simple but clever spelling app. We opted for the free version, what a surprise! All you have to do is type a list of words and the app will test the user by omitting different letter from each word. The paid option is easier if you’re in a rush and has lists of words that you can download for the age of the learner.

ABC Spelling Age 2+

An excellent app for pre-schoolers and reception to learn phonics and spelling. My little boy loved this. They now do paid versions too but worth the purchase.

Cursive writing wizard Age 2+

Beginning handwriting practice. Of course, we used the free version which was more than adequate to practice a couple of shapes. The kids found this very addictive.


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