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'Elf on the shelf' has never been so popular with children excited and bewildered with the latest elf activity. They all share there elf chaos stories with their school friends and family. I myself have 3 naughty elves that are running amuck at night whilst my children are safely tucked up in bed. There are so many hilarious ideas and I have a few rules that help me in planning; the ideas must be simple, not be wasteful and easy to do. 

Here I have a list of some fantastic ideas that took between seconds and minutes to setup. Hopefully you'll find Christmas evening that little bit easier, get some elf-spiration and extra magic me time.

All ideas will be just as effective with one elf or more.

Hoovering: Elves love helping around the house and our bagless vacuum cleaners are great for getting into a spot of bother.

Breakfast Time: Kids love to see their elves doing ordinary things. You could go a step further and make an elf cereal angel (ie snow angel)?

Elf-twister: A piece of paper with any four colours, the words Elf Twister and score sheet made this exciting. You could use their favourite toy to add a bit of competition if you only have one elf.

Elf-Copy: The naughty elves photocopied themselves. Just be aware this took more ink than I expected.

Toy Race: I originally planned to set up just the three elves for the race but I got carried away..I had to also be careful not to make an elf last, as the kids are very competitive.

Toilet Roll Snowman: This snowman was so simple with the kids hat, scarf, black and orange marker pens. I then got all arty and decided to get brown for the twig arms. I did a couple of sheets balled up for snow balls but to be honest I think the kids only really cared about the snowman and the elves..they may like a wall of toilet rolls and elves set up as a snowball fight next?

Elf Art: the kids loved this naughty art on our plastic kitchen table cloth. I was prepared to damage the table cloth with the paint roll-up sticks as it's very old and worn. However, I found that it all washed off the next day. Only try it on something you don't care about!

Potty Training: These paper pants made out of kitchen paper and tape were fantastic to start the potty training ideas with the toddler. Plus the older kids love toilet jokes. I did have to tape the elf to the potty though but the effort was worth starting the potty excitement. 

Washing Ride: The kids were really impressed with the 'elf-trepreneur' skills and they did look in the soap draw for the money too. 

The milk has gone bad: This is very easy to do with a note, string and a marker pen. I did have to prep the kids for this by saying "be careful in the morning because I thing the milk may go bad". I think they wouldn't have understood if I hadn't have prepped them. We then laughed over, how the elves heard us talking.

Hide and Seek: Seconds to write this and dump the elves around the house. You could add 'hide and seek with elf, teddy and dolly..' if you wanted to add a few more for them to kind and keep them busy.

Hanging with the Christmas cards: The kids spend a good few minutes looking for the elves.

Crafty Elves: For the crafters out there who knit, crochet or just stick stickers all over them!

I hope this really helps make things fun and easy.

Merry Christmas,

Louisa x

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