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Well done everyone you’ve survived home-schooling as well as endless multitasking. I have put together a list of  craft ideas and projects for all ages from toddlers to teens to keep you all entertained over half-term.

Help the Bird Parents to-be

With the weather being colder and spring only around the corner the birds need a little help. All the Mummy birds will need extra food before they lay their eggs and somewhere to nest.

A simple toilet roll bird feeder is really easy to make for all ages. All you need is a toilet rolls, string, some birds seed (old seeds or granola), some peanut butter or fat like coconut oil, suet or cooled fat from your pork or beef dinner.. 

If you live local to Paxton Pits Nature Reserve the Wildlife Trust, at the Resources Centre, they are offering Half term package, including a 'Feather Detective' trail at Paxton Pits, a kit to build a peanut bird feeder and further activities! To find out more click here.

Don’t worry if your not local you can take part in their Remote Edition with  lots of other fun activities to help you set up a bird feeding and watching station and help you to discover more about birds in your garden. 

Depending on your age and help you could make a wooden bird box.

Pancake Day is on 16th February

They’re so easy to make here’s my recipe, you don’t have to have the exact ingredients just use what you’ve got. The Vegan recipe ingredients are just below the instructions.

1 cup of plain flour (self-raising is OK too)

1 ½ cups of milk

2 eggs (medium or large..if you have really small ones just use more eggs)


1.Whisk it all together.

2.Heat some cooking oil in a frying pan (1 or 2 tablespoons) and spread it around. It needs to be medium to hot.

3.To test if its hot enough add a drip of the mix in. If its starts bubbling and setting its hot enough.

4. Add enough mix to cover the bottom. You want to cook it until the top sets but doesn’t go brown. Flip it over when the underneath is brown and brown the other side. You can use a spatula if you need to. You may have to adjust the heat to prevent burning.

5.Once your first pancake is cooked add more oil and repeat the cooking process.

Vegan Pancake Mix

300g Self-raising flour

1tsp baking powder

1tbsp sugar (any will do)

400ml plant-based milk

Mix and cook according to the instructions for the previous recipe. Just be more careful as these will brown more quickly due to the sugar.

Toppings. Anything goes with pancakes.. Sweet: Honey and bananas, blueberries and strawberries, Nutella, sugar and lemon juice.

Savoury: Cream cheese and smoked salmon, spinach and feta cheese…(these are lovely but I have more of a sweet tooth 😊)

Crafty Monkey's Click and Collect

The St. Neots home of pottery painting and build a bear are doing Click and Collect service great for keeping the kids entertained painting money boxes and caricatures or building a bear and dressing it up.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year was on Friday, so you can join in the celebrations through crafts, food or learning to use chop sticks.

If you order a Chinese Takeaway you can also order chop sticks. A great way to get your older children learning something new. 

This can be made more competitive when racing against each other to lift marbles or Maltesers.

Craft projects can be making a Chinese Lanterns can do the cutting and everyone can join in on the decorating.

Decorating ideas can be Chinese symbols for the year of the Ox (there is also a young kids ox design lantern). Try your hand at writing Happy New Year in Chinese   . Draw some lucky Chinese symbols like Koi Carp fish, the lucky golden cat or imperial dragon. Decorate them with gold, yellow or bright coloured paper or stickers.

Computer kids

For the kids who love computer gaming of any age, there are some great free games and tools to teach them how to create games and apps using coding. I recently found free games and tools run by Google  I have also wrote previously about coding games here.

Look on our what’s on page for more things to do this half term.

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