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How to Use The St. Neots Parking Machines with Video


How to use the check in check out function on the St. Neots ticket machines at Riverside Car Park, Tebutts’ Road, Tan Yard Car Park and Priory Lane Car Park (basically most of them).

I decide to use this function for two reasons: I rarely have any change and I hate over paying in case I am late.

The instructions below will work with any payment cards with the contactless symbol.

1.       Enter your car registration number/number plate.

2.       Press the green tick button.

3.       Press the first left yellow button. Above it will show this symbol CI/CO (Check-in/Check-Out).

4.       Tap your card against the black box on the right hand-side.

5.       When prompted by the screen tap your card again to confirm don’t forget your ticket.

6.       Display your ticket in the window. You can keep the small ticket stub on you if you like.

7.       Do your shopping or go to the park.

8.       Go back to the same machine and tap the black box with the same payment card. (you do not need to press anything). *

9.       Take your receipt and have a safe journey home.

10.      The company may hold £4.00 from your available bank balance  (the maximum charge). In banking terms this is called a "Point of Sale Hold" where the money is temporarily ring fenced until the correct amount is debited (a bit like when you put your payment card details in when purchasing petrol). This may take up to 48 hours to show correctly on your online banking system. 

*Note: These instructions are based on my own personal experience at the time. Also, I have only ever used the same machine to check-in and check-out so it maybe worth noting which machine you used in the car park. 

Louisa x

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