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I thought I’d share with you my basic lockdown schedule that I do with my little toddler on a weekly basis. It’s nothing too crazy but hopefully it will give you an idea of how I structure my week so both the toddler and I get a little entertainment every day.


Mondays: Go for a WALK. If the weather is miserable definitely go for a walk as it will really give your mood a boost and all that fresh air will wear out your baby/toddler. Talk to your little one about the world, show them the sky or the rain. It’s a great opportunity to teach them about their surroundings and introduce new words. The more you repeat a word the quicker they will learn and when they’re older, they will want to point and chat with you. You might also get a social distance chat with a local, which will also boost your mood and theirs. Look for red kites in the sky (the big red birds with the v cut out of their tail), spot your local dogs, cats and see the squirrels busily collecting nuts for winter.

On Monday afternoons we also join in with a local baby and toddler class which gives me a chance to chat to other mum's too (under 5s classes here).


Tuesdays: TODDLER TIME ONLINE WITH CAPTAIN FANTASTIC-FREE. This is really good fun and if you join in enthusiastically you get a good work out too (more online activities here). 


Wednesdays: PLAY HOUSEWORK DAY. If you have a little baby put them in a sling/carrier and tell them what you’re doing or planning to do. They should hopefully be a sleep by the time you need a rest. If you have a toddler get them involved. You can make a game of the washing with peek-a-boo or teach colours. Get them involved by helping to load the washing machine or give them a little broom or duster.

Thursdays: This is TREAT DAY for Mum (you’re doing brilliantly). Go for a walk and make sure your route takes you past your favourite takeaway café. Get your take away coffee/hot chocolate and cake/treat, you’ve earned it. You can then enjoy it whilst your little one naps after a boost of fresh air. During lockdown 2, I’ve opted to do a social distance walk with a friend.


Fridays: MESSY PLAY OR PARTY DAY! Put your favourite tunes on and dance with your baby/toddler around the kitchen. Or why not try a little messy play, its great fun for all ages. Messy play does not have to be hard to clean up and can use things around the house like cornflakes or dry porridge.

This was written on the 10th of November, so please make sure that you are following all current guidelines regarding the government restrictions whilst going out.

I hope you have a good week with a few little smiles to keep you going.

Louisa x

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