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With the weather being unpredictable and Halloween activities being outside, I thought I’d put together a little guide on how to enjoy being out in the rain. You can do lots of puddle-jumping, nature trails and explore new places outside. There's lots of places to visit and the rain can add more fun.

To enjoy a care-free puddle jumping walk or a trip out there's a few items you may need. So here’s a check list of essentials:

  • Waterproofs: raincoat/puddle suit and pram rain cover – If you have time give them a quick spray with Waterproof Fabric Spray, best to do this outside as its very smelly and covering the seams is a must.


  • Woolly hat & gloves: It doesn’t have to be made of wool but a thick hat does keep the rain off for longer than you think. However, it will get soaked eventually.


  •  Wellies: Or if your unlucky to find you have a hole in yours just as you leave, a carrier bag over your foot in the boots works well as a temporary fix. You’ll still stay dry and have fun, plus you won’t have to have that one wet foot (it just feels a bit weird).


  • A flask with a warm drink: This could be warm juice or hot chocolate.


  • A snack: All that running around and puddle jumping does make you very hungry.


  • An umbrella: If there is no shelter its quite nice to huddle under an umbrella with a snack and warm drink.


  • Carrier bags: Use one to line your rucksack/nappy bag it will keep everything dry, they’re great to sit on if its wet and when you’ve finished with them you can dry them off and re-use them.


  • Spare clothes: socks, shoes, tops and bottoms.


  • Brush: A brush from an old dustpan works well in cleaning mud from your buggy wheels.


  • If you're going out dressed in Halloween clothes why not wear them over the top of your rain suit/coat? In future you could always purchase a size bigger to go over winter clothes.


  • If one of you gets cold, its best to call it a day and snuggle up on the sofa with a nice warm drink.


The most important thing to remember is to have lots of fun and see the weather as a fun challenge.

Louisa x

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