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about us

Hi, my name's Louisa and I moved to the St. Neots area back in 2005 with my gorgeous husband (he'll hate me saying this) and two young children. Back then, my son was only a toddler crashing into everything with or without wheels and my daughter was ready to start preschool, as well as practice her dressing-up in training to be a Disney Princess.

It was really important for us all settle in and to make friends, so finding activities and children’s clubs in the area was a great way to meet people. I have found a variety of activities for children and families by spending years (far too long) researching everything that St. Neots area has to offer. We’ve tried many children’s clubs such as karate and dance, including events too at St. Neots Museum, at our Regatta Meadow, the local village music festivals and fayres. We truly feel a part of the community and I love the interaction on our local social media groups (I love reading people's opinions).

Since then I’ve got a dog and had a third child, so baby clubs and classes are so important to me. They keep me going through baby-led sleep deprivation, to make new friends now the kids are at school and to have a giggle. That’s when I found a lot of information was out of date. After 5 years, I had to start finding new classes again and so I felt something had to be done. Bringing Mum’s guide to St. Neots with all the information about St. Neots and the area, in one place, seemed the right thing to do.

If you would like to give me a little feedback or if you would like more information, you can contact me here.

Louisa xx

About Mum’s Guide To Ltd

Mum's Guide To Ltd began in 2012 when four mums from Harpenden set-up a website to give local families a comprehensive, one-stop shop to find all the information they needed about living in the area with children.  The site quickly grew to become the most popular site for Harpenden parents and carers. In 2017 the mums decided to spread their wings by launching Mum’s guide to UK giving parents across the country the opportunity to set up their own local Mum’s Guide To sites.

Our philosophy is quite simple:

  • Each site focuses on a single town and is run by local parents.
  • It covers children of all ages from bumps to teens.
  • It’s as comprehensive as possible - covering activities and things to do, parties, local facilities, services and child-friendly businesses.
  • We are pro-active about seeking out new businesses and keeping the information up-to-date.
  • A basic listing is always free so even the smallest groups and new businesses can be included.