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Elf on the Shelf ideas


Last year, we started the tradition of 'Elf on the shelf' in our household. Our elf doesn't arrive to watch behaviour or report back to Santa, he just comes to bring some Christmas spirit and excitement to the house. It can sometimes be overwhelming having to not only remember to move the elf but to think of new ideas everyday, so not only have we provided you with ideas and pictures, we have written you a full 25 day guide AND a shopping list, taking all the work out of it for you. All you need to do is make sure you have everything on the list and screenshot the list below.

You can download the full PDF printable version here

1st - Elf arrives on doorstep with letter and advent calendar 

2nd - Elf is colouring in/drawing with paper and crayons 

3rd - Elf has snowball fight using large marshmallows with another toy


4th - Elf cooks mini egg sweets in pan 

5th - Elf is in a tower of toilet roll pretending to be a snowman

6th - Elf makes a snow angel with flour 

7th - Elf has a movie night with popcorn 

8th - Elf draws minion faces on bananas

9th - Elf wraps up toys or trainers with tin foil 

10th - Elf plays 'The Floor is Lava' with gift bows/tape on the wall 

11th - Elf eats chocolate coins with chocolate on face

12th - Elf sits on a swing made of toilet roll and string 

13th - Elf has a bubble bath with marshmallows or cotton wool 

14th - Elf plays with cars (Riding a car/train/dinosaur) Playing with dolls

15th - Elf wraps toilet roll around tree 

16th - Elf uses scissors to make snow flakes out of toilet roll 

17th - Elf is making a 'Sponge cake' with kitchen sponge and sprinkles

18th - Elf is feeling 'Toasty' in between 2 slices of toast 

19th - Elf draws funny face on photo

20th - Elf swings from tree to lightshade

21st - Elf covers everything in post-it notes 

22nd - Elf makes sign saying '2 days to go'/ uses food to spell out a message 

23rd - Elf is reading Christmas book 

24th - Elf bring Christmas eve box or treat with goodbye letter

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