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Mum's Guide To Romford Blog

Elf on the Shelf Help!


Many of us will have a house guest for most of December. Love them or loathe them, the elf will be causing lots of drama in many homes around Romford and beyond. 

This is our 'Cheat Sheet' to help you through this year!

1. Elf arrives with an advent calendar & a letter
2. Elf builds himself a Lego throne
3. Elf has a movie night with the toys and makes popcorn
4. Elf takes a nap in the fridge - make a sleeping bag from a sock
5. Elf is tangled in sticky tape/ribbon
6. Elf is making paper snowflakes
7. Elf draws glasses/moustaches on the glass of a family photo with a dry wipe pen
8. Elf and the toys have a snowball flight - cotton wool everywhere!
9. Elf brings a box to fill with toys no longer played with
10. Elf unravels the toilet roll
11. Elf spells out a message with cheerios
12. Elf hides in the Christmas tree
13. Elf goes fishing in the bathroom sink
14. Elf delivers a letter from the North Pole
15. Elf draws faces on the fruit in the bowl
16. Elf leaves post-it notes around the house
17. Elf covers the Christmas tree in pants
18. Elf makes a trail of shoes/toy cars/trains to the tree
19. Elf plays a board game with other toys
20. Elf does a magic trick - sprinkle 2 eggs with glitter and wait until tomorrow...
21. Elf completes his trick and leaves 2 Kinder eggs!
22. Elf wraps photo frames and other items in wrapping paper
23. Elf makes snow angels with flour/glitter
24. Elf leaves a farewell letter


We have collected some ideas to help you get through this stressful experience. Huge thanks to all those who sent us images!

Maybe you need some more inspiration?

Still struggling?

More ideas?



And finally...

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